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Marshall C Warner. July 30, 1908

Bronson Mich
July 30 1908

Dear Mother Camfield

We were very glad to get a letter from you and to hear of your well-fare. As to fixing the grave of father Camfield I was intending to do it any way but had not got to it yet when I received your letter but it is done now and as to the bill there is none. I am glad of the opertunity to do that much for you and as long as I live will see that it is properly cared for. I am glad to know that you are so well cared for. How thankfull we ought to be for good children/ I certainly am

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My mother is still living will be 86 yrs. old the 23 of September she has a good home with one of her daughters. Wife and I went to visit her one year ago last fall. I am so glad you can see the love and goodness of our Heavenly Father and feel like praising Him.

What a great blessing it is to know that He is our Father and that of ___ is our Savior. Good Bye Mother Camfield and may the Lord keep you in peace and comfort.

From your friend

M. C. Warner

Pleas write when you can we are always glad to here from you.

Marshall C Warner had been a neighbor of Sarah Ann and Mike's. He was also the father of Libby who was married to their grandson, Fred Camfield. There are several letters written by Libby in the collection.

I'm not certain exactly what was meant by "fixing the grave." It could be as simple as cleaning up around it or as involved as repairing the stone.

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