Monday, November 9, 2009

Unforseen Benefit of Indexing

Way back, on 25 March 2007, I posted the picture below. In it are my grandmother, Pearl Camfield and her sister Ruby. Last week when I was indexing my posts I looked at it again and thought what a shame it was that I had never tracked down anyone related to any of the others. So I poked around at Ancestry in the public member trees and a tree with Blanche Ireland and contacted the tree owner. She got back to me and Blanche is related to her and she had not seen this picture before. But it is better than that - it turns out that she and I are very distant cousins! What are the chances of that?

I looked at the 1910 census again and found Pearl, Ruby and their mother, Rose in South Bend, Indiana, living at 525 Scott St. Blanche Ireland was listed one page before them, at 625 Scott St and a boarder in her home was Rose Burkheiser. I also found Virena Hack and Harry Helsman might have been Harry Helman.

If I keep working at it maybe I'll make another connection!

Back row: Tillie Diffenbach, Frank Hildebrand. Verena Hack, Walter Kyser, Helen Hildebrand

Front row: Rose Berkhuner?, Pearl Camfield, Harry Helsman?, Ruby Camfield, Blanche Ireland

Taken at 318 Scott St, South Bend, Ind.

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