Saturday, December 5, 2009

Weekly Rewind

My Week

I was busy, busy, busy all week. In a break with tradition, my tree was not decorated until Monday. Perhaps this will become a new tradition! We did some babysitting and lots of shopping and wrapping. I feel guilty that I only got down to Mom's once this week. My family schedule did not allow much time for genealogy or reading. I'm certain that I either missed or simply haven't gotten to some really good posts!

Weekly Reading

Miriam kicked off her Red Kettle Campaign at AnceStories. You can make a donation or adopt a child or senior in need with the links she provides. "Your donation will stay in your own community, and if you adopt an Angel, he or she will also be from your local community."

At Destination Austin Family, Thomas has written The Eyes of St Joseph - Part One. Is there a supernatural force at work or is there a scientific explanation?

Never heard of psychogenealogy? Me neither! Chris has a good one at The Genealogue: Dead Man Dealt the Loser Card. Now all I have to do is figure out which ancestor is responsible for all the bad karma in my life.

Caroline had a very humorous look at the naming patterns of her ancestors. Check out What's In A Name? Open to the Possibilities at Family Stories.

At Ancestral Notes, Earline shared a discovery: Follow Friday - Next Blog News. I already follow all the geneablogs! Well, maybe not.

Thanksgiving is over but you really must read Shelly's Talking Turkey: Family History Holiday at Tracing the Tribe. An American holiday in another country equals culture clash. I'm happy the she can look back on this and laugh and that she shared the laughter with the rest of us.

Randy was doing the Happy Dance at Genea-Musings, as a cousin broke through a brick wall. It sounds like there is some work to be done with Finding Sarah Martin's Parents - Mark Putnam Did It! Randy also Found a Family Home on Google.

Ruth found a nice little bit about her ancestor's involvement in a murder and insurance case that went all the way to the Supreme Court. She shared Mr Stanley Goes to Washington! at Bluebonnet Country Genealogy.

Barbara proves that it pays to write about your problems with I Did Everything Right, but Couldn't Take a Photo at Life from the Roots. After reading her post Les was kind enough to take the photo for her that she could not.

You all know how I love old letters! Joan has a really great one at Roots'n'Leaves. A Letter From My Uncle Ralph provides family details that every family historian would love to have.

Worst Christmas Ever or Best Christmas Ever? Teresa shares her most memorable Christmas at Generations Gone By's Weblog: Real or Not Real, That is the Question.

Craig continued his Black Catholic History series at GeneaBlogie with The Knights of Who?, Black Catholics in the South, and The Josephite Fathers and Brothers. Craig also has a very nice post, Happy Birthday to the World's Smartest Sister.

Elijah Sedgwick Jr. and the Anti-Masonic Scandal of 1826
shared by T.K. at Before My Time investigates the William Morgan story and its repercussions. This is a New York story that I did not learn in school. What do you think happened to Mr. Morgan?

Denise has A Gift for You to Give Your Friends and Family at The Family Curator. It sounds both easy and delicious!

Does your family have a Service Flag? Do you know what a Blue Star mother is? Pam shares her flag and some information at Granny's Genealogy.

Carnivals and Roundups

Despite problems with the Blog Carnival site, Greta Kohl has done a wonderful job with the 85th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, Orphans and Orphans. It is now posted at Greta's Genealogy Bog. If you submitted something with the carnival form and do not see it listed please let Greta know. This was a great topic and I know it was a tough edition to put together. Thanks Greta!

The 86th COG will be a double edition! We need to get our letters to Genea-Santa written. This is always one of my favorites. For our second submission we will be writing about those with December/January birthdays. Do you have someone in your family with a birthday near the holidays? I have a big one coming up as does my son. Why are birthdays with a zero in them always harder than the rest? I also have a Christmas baby to write about.

The December edition of the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival, In the News, has been posted by Julie on The Graveyard Rabbit. It seems a shame to me that with so many GYR members only eight took the time to write a total of ten articles. But they are ten good articles, so go check them out.

The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories continues at GeneaBloggers. Thomas is rounding up all of the posts there each day. I had fun with this in 2007. Some are rerunning the posts they did in 2007 and there are many new posts and I've been enjoying reading them.

John shared his Weekly Picks at TransylvanianDutch and Randy had his weekly Best of the Genea-Blogs at Genea-Musings.

There is a very nice, long list of Canadian genealogy links posted by Sherri at CanadaGenWeb's Blog.

Footnote Maven is accepting submissions until the 10th for the 19th edition of Smile for the Camera, Gifts, to be hosted at Shades of the Departed.

Entries for the 6th edition of A Festival of Post Cards will be accepted until December 20th, however with the busy holiday season Evelyn has requested that you get your submissions for "White" in as soon as to possible at A Canadian Family.

Get Well Wishes

Lorine is Home! from the hospital, recovering from surgery and hopes to be back to her regular blogging schedule soon at Olive Tree Genealogy.

Sheri, of TwigTalk, had a nasty fall that resulted in broken bones and surgery. Stop by and wish her well.


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thank you for adding a get well section Apple! I think it is important for us to send these good wishes to people who are recovering from accidents and surgeries.


Hi, Apple. thanks for the pointer to my turkey story. It is funny! And the get-well section was a GREAT idea also.
Best wishes

GrannyPam said...

Thanks for mentioning my post. It took me quite a while to decide how to approach that flag, but I am glad I stuck with it and figured something out.

Sheri Fenley said...

Thanks for your weekly highlights Apple. Sometimes I get so busy I miss out on some really great blogs.