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Mary B Bogardus, April 6, 1909

April 6th 1909

Dear Mrs. Camfield.

We were very glad to hear from you, and know that you are able to write. I intended enswering at once but have been having the gripp and hardly over it yet. The last of Feb; Frank Streng and family came - 4 of them. They staied over two weeks. We had a nice time. I had never seen her or her boys. 5 - 7 years of age. We liked her well. She just did the work and is very very quick. The neighbors here are well except colds but there is sickness around more or less Generally gripp

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I haven't benn out all winter but mean to ride out as soon as the roads are better. Henry went to town meeting yesterday and saw some of the people but we dont go out much. Jud Sweeting whom you will remember lives with his daughter in Utah. He is well and likes the place very much and is contented. Your old house is taken down H. says it looks odd.

I hope you are well and will keep so. It is remarkable that you are. Shall hope to hear from you again. Yours with love.

Mary B Bogardus

I haven't discovered anything about Frank Streng.

I think Jud Sweeting was Judson Sweeting, found on the 1880 census in Bethel, Branch, MI. He was born about 1826 in New York. I have no idea if Mary and Sarah Ann knew him there or not.

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