Monday, January 18, 2010

What Happened to Etoley Robinson?

For those that have not been following along with the letter transcriptions, Etola Robinson was a friend of my great grandmother's and many of her letters have been transcribed here. So many that I've come to see her as part of the family. Yesterday I finished labeling the letters from the fourth group and there was only one more letter from Toley, an undated one, found near the very end of the batch. It was from a folder of letters dated c. 1900 - 1940 and written from South Bend, prior to Toley's heading west to Oklahoma.

Did she stop writing? Did she die? Or did she write but her letters were not saved?

The last letter that I have was dated 26 March 1909, Medford, OK. In that letter she mentioned that she had thought about going to Caldwell, Kansas but had changed her mind. Also in her letter she said:
Woolsey's have all had the grip and are not well yet have not seen Mae since the holidays. Melvin and family started back to their claim last friday. I am glad I do not half to go out their.

In another case of rushing I did not look up the information I have gathered on Toley's family. Woolsey's was not a surname, she was referring to her brother, Woolsey Robinson and his family. Woolsey was married to Martha E Cromwell and they had at least two children, Melvin and Cleo. I'm guessing that Martha went by Mae. Melvin Robinson married about 1906 and had two children by 1910. So it appears that Toley followed her brother to Oklahoma. By 1910 Wooley and Melvin had moved to Kay County, OK.

I have searched the 1910 census six ways to Sunday and I can not locate Toley. I tried both nationwide searches and by guessing where she might be. I used every variation of her name that I have.

I found an old message board posting by Steve Robinson, who seems to have information on Melvin's family. The email account associated with that post is no longer any good. I have also used member connect at Ancestry to contact someone who may have more information. I have added what I have found about the family to a public tree there too.

I spent several hours yesterday trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Toley. I have other projects that need my attention and so I will reluctantly set this aside - for now. I am hoping that if I post what I know about her and her family here that someone will stumble across this post with the answer.

I have found her name listed as Clarinda A. Robinson, Lourinda E. Robinson, Louola Robinson, Etola Robinson, Etoley Robinson, Toley Robinson. She was born about 1858 in Indiana to Parker Robinson and Clarinda.

Other children of Parker and Clarinda Robinson:
  • Sarah Robinson, born abt 1837, Indiana. Married Peter B. Gosline. They lived in Buchanan, MI and South Bend, IN. Both are buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Buchanan, MI. Their children were: Ralph C. Gosline, Amelia G. Gosline and Edward Robinson Gosline.
  • William Robinson, born May 1839, Indiana. He may have married Matilda and had children: Daniel Robinson and Dora E. Robinson. They lived in Berrien County, Michigan.
  • Woolsey Robinson, born July 1843, Indiana. He married Martha E Cromwell in 1880. By 1900 they lived in Hickory, Grant, OK. in 1910 and 1920 I found them in Tonkawa, Kay, OK. Their children: Melvin Robinson and Cleo Robinson. (Possibly Melvin Woolsey Robinson.) By 1930 Melvin was living in Turlock, Stanislaus, CA.
  • Daniel Robinson, born abt 1846, Indiana. He married Mary Alice Wilson. In 1880 they were living in Dowagiac, Cass, MI and I haven't found them for certain after that date. Children: Mabel Robinson, Viola Robinson, Clarence Robinson and possibly others.
  • Celia Robinson, born abt 1850, Indiana. She married Jefferson Dalrymple in 1873. In 1880 they were living in Benton, Berrien, MI. I did not find them after that. They had at least one child: Rosco Dalrymple.
  • Abner Robinson, born abt 1852, Indiana. He married Elizabeth and they lived in Dowagiac and Buchanan, MI. I think they were living in Baldwin, Alabama in 1920. Children: Leland A. Robinson and Nellie E. Robinson.
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Tipper said...

I hope someone stumbles on this-and helps you solve the mystery.

FranE said...

Wow you have done a lot of work here. I am with Tipper. Hope someone finds you.