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Francis Ashley Carlisle, 15 Sept 1910

Fort Wayne, Ind
Sept. 15th. 1910

Dear Mother And All,

Your letter of a few days ago recieved but have been so buisy that have not found time to write before.

The bill of lading did not say what road the things would come on to Fort Wayne and if you can find out it will save me much time going to the various freight houses in the city to look it up.

I enclose a check for two dollars which will cover the $1.25 expense you mentioned and pay to have the automobile hauled back to the old saw mill as it still belongs to Dr. Garland. I have not the means at present to have it repaired. You might ask the Dr. if he has any other place for it. That is left over is Fathers.

I enclose a letter to Arlin which I would be glad to have you give to his mother to mail to him as I do not know his address.

We are all well but I am working so hard that I have time for little else.

We recieved the paper you sent with the announcement of Tamersons marriage in it. Let us hear from you as soon as convinient.

As Ever,

824 Huestis Ave.
Ft. Wayne Ind.

P.S. Lillie brought the baby home a week ago last Saturday as Tom has bought a farm near Allegan and the have moved on it. She is as fat as a pig and looks nice and we are tickled to have her home that the extra work does not seem to count.

Lillian M Carlisle was Frank's sister-in-law and she was married to Thomas O. Ghrist. I have in my notes that they had a daughter but I have no name or birth date. I assume that when Frank says, "She is fat as a pig and looks nice" that he is talking about the baby and not Lillian! Tom and Lillian had two older sons, Glenn H Ghrist who was born in 1894 and John C Ghrist who was born in 1902. By the 1920 census Lillian and Tom had seperated. Glenn was married and living with his wife and children. Lillian and John were living together in Chicago. I have yet to find Tom on the 1920 census. So did the baby mentioned in the letter die young or was she living with Tom?

Arlin may have referred to Arlin B. Clark who was living in Buchanan, MI at the time of the 1900 census.

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