Monday, May 24, 2010

Capt Daniel Carlisle - Pest of Society

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Amanuensis Monday, hosted by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.

I found this very interesting letter at Google Books: Town papers. Documents relating to towns in New Hampshire, Volume 13. Capt. Daniel Carlisle was my 4th great-grandfather. He was cashiered from the Army so I found it interesting that he retained the title, Captain. He ran a public house in Westmoreland, New Hampshire so he likely had a good forum for his views. The question was did Westmoreland belong to New Hampshire or Vermont and did New Hampshire have the right to collect taxes.


[11-87] [Statement concerning matters in Town, 1781.]

Westmorland 13 Febr 1781--
Before this reaches you, you will undoubtedly hear of the
disorder in this part of the State, -- I find that people pretend to
be actuated by several motives,--some say that the Court of
New Hampshire are so Arbetary that they ought to brake from
them, some say that New Hampshire had rather confine the
State to the Mason Liine, then have any of the Grants west of


the River; but some more bold Enemies to the State and
States, such as Capt Daniel Carlile of Westmorland who on
the seventh of this Instant before several witnesses,-- Did de-
clare, that for his part, he was for the Convention, not because
he saw what they was after, but the more disorder the better in
order to bring about a Revolution : for says he We must either
be subject of France or Britton and for his part, he chose Great
Britton and if the people would rise and drive the French
from the Continent, he would rise and drive the French
from the Continent, he would go in parson, or contribute one
hundred hard Dollars towards the same ; for says he, the peo-
ple must throw of the authority, and then they could make a
peace, for a peace with Great Britton was what he wanted and
said, I am not, afraid to declare my sentiments before your best
Authority, for said he your Authority is weak and if three
Towns will Combine together, the Authority dare not medle
with them, nor send for any Tax and as for myself says he I will
pay no more Taxes to New Hampshire, for a Revolt, from
Authority is what I want, and susch like conversation, this Capt
Carlile and some other disaffected persons have been very active
by one means or other to lead the people to Act as inconsistant
with and I think as much against their interest and the com-
mon good, as they could have acted; this is not the only Town
for I am well informed that the disaffected persons are all en-
gaged in this new Plan, for seperating from New Hampshire,
as they please to term it; but I believe it is more as Capt Car-
lile desires it to be, to bring on all the disorder possible. He

and some others are grone to be very bold and I wish for heav-
ens sake that Authority might take place and all our domestick
Enemies maight either be subjected to Authority or driven from
us for they are the Pest of Society, and I think they are on the
gaining hand in this part of the State--Sir I thought it my
Duty, to inform your honor of this that you might be ac-
quainted of what persons we have amongst us--
I am Sir
Your Honors most
Obed and Hble Servt
Joseph Burt
The Honble Mesheck Weare

Title Town papers. Documents relating to towns in New Hampshire, Volume 13
Volumes 11-13 of Provincial and state papers, New Hampshire
Town Papers. Documents Relating to Towns in New Hampshire, Isaac Weare Hammond
Authors Isaac Weare Hammond, New Hampshire (Colony) Probate Court
Publisher P. B. Cogswell, state printer, 1884
Original from the University of California
Digitized Aug 7, 2007
Accessed May 20, 2010 at Google Books:


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Goodness gracious! Meschech Weare is my cousin 9x removed! He was a farmer, lawyer and statesman, and also the first Governor of the Sate of New Hampshire when it became a state in 1776! Back then he was called the "President of New Hampshire"! I'm glad I stopped by to read your blog today!

Barbara Poole said...

Hi Apple. No, we aren't related, but I checked to see where Westmoreland was, and I wasn't too far from there last week (see my Cathederal of the Pines blog, gives you an idea). Might take a trip there, for you.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Heather - I'm glad you found this interesting. Daniel Carlisle it seems was always unhappy with the government. I still need to track down the details on another local skirmish he was involved in.

Barb - Westmoreland has been on my list for a long time but I really want to get to the library at Ticonderoga first.

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Westmoreland is a cute little town, not too far from Keene and it's wonderful Cheshire County Historical Society. Westmoreland has it's own historical society at Someone from there spoke at our NH Mayflower luncheon a few years ago.