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LeRoy Eastwwod Camfield, 14 March 1911

Celoron New York
Mar 14 o/11

Dear Aunt and Grandmother

We recieved your presense and hearty congratulations and thank you very much we was very much pleased with them the people here think they are so nice her mother thinks the quilt is so nice she thinks the old fashioned pieces are so nice we also think the world of all of your presents. I can not tell you how much I thank you for your presents I wish you would excuse me for not writing before but I have been running all over and never had a perminant address before so I could not very well corrispond with anyone now I have an address and would like to hear from you at any time I would be very much pleased

No. 2

I suppose you think I am too far away to ever come to see you again but I am comeing out some day and see you all and bring my wife I know you will like her for she is a very nice girl well I cannot think of much to say this time only I would like to hear from you all how is Dan and everyone else I would like to have him write and Grandma I do want you to write me a nice long letter and tell me just how you are getting along and how you feel and if you are well and how you feel and if you are still peasing quilts yet I think the one you sent us was fine I had not forgotten when you promised me one well when we get more pictures we are going to send some out that way so you can see a picture of the wedding we had a fine time and always will I must Close dont forget to write everybody

I Remain as Ever Yours

Roy Camfield Celeron New York
Box 78


LeRoy Eastwood Camfield (1890-1964) was the youngest child of Joseph and Rose (Graham) Camfield. I do not have a wedding date for him and he doesn't give the date here but I assume it was late 1910 or early 1911. His bride was Edith Pearl Gardiner (1893-1966), the daughter of Cornelius and Mary Ann (Wentz) Gardiner.

I have heard a family story that Roy left South Bend, Indiana and was a sign painter for a circus for a time. I have no idea if it is true or not. Celoron is located just west of Jamestown, on the far east shore of Chautauqua Lake in the southwest corner of New York. A few miles west, also on the shore of the lake is the Chautauqua Institution, known for it's arts program and I have always wondered if that was how LeRoy found himself in Celoron. LeRoy was an artist and a drawing of Pearl is included with tomorrows letter.

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