Friday, August 20, 2010

Follow Friday - St John Nepomucene School

While working on my granddaughters family tree I ran across the St John Nepomucene School's Fifth Grade Family Tree Project. What a great project to get kids interested in their family history!

Each year the fifth grade students gather information on their ancestors. Students compile stories about different ancestors using various sources and present those stories to the class. The information gathered is added to a database that can be used by others in future years. We can trace most families from this area back to the 1700s and many even further back. Using this information, students are then able to identify all the other students to whom they are related. The information is also added to our ever-expanding database.

I love that they research stories for a presentation and I hope those are also being preserved for future generations.

Their tree at Rootsweb does not provide sources but it certainly has giving me a great start, especially since all I had was the state of Wisconsin.


Diana Ritchie said...

What a great project for these kids!! (the link didn't work, but I just googled it) I wonder how many future genealogists will point back to this project as the starting point for a life-long interest.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

My granddaughter will be in fifth grade and since this is her line I'm wondering if I can get her involved from a distance.

Thanks for pointing out the bad link! I've fixed it now.

Joan said...

Great project. I too googled it ---and was surprised as Little Chute is a familiar name in my McPherson family. Nice project for kids. My grandkids had pretty sophisticated geneology projects when they were in school, but no web tree -- that's a great tool for kids. Thanks.