Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bi-Weekly Rewind

I know when I was stuck in rural upstate New York in the death grip of winter I really did not want to hear how nice the weather was elsewhere. So with apologies to my northern friends, the weather here in the Sunshine State has been phenomenal! It has just been too nice to not enjoy so I've been spending less time on my computer. Of course my husband is still telling me I need less computer time and more outside time.

As for genealogy, it's also been a great couple of weeks.
  • After a brief correspondence with a gentleman in Michigan he very kindly sent me a photo of my great-grandfather. To my great delight, one of the other men in the photo who hadn't been identified was my grandfather!
  • Did you hear the sound of tumbling bricks? I now know the name of  a 3rd great-grandmother, Helen Scott! Now that I have a name I'm looking for more information.
  • I also have discovered where in Scotland the White's were from.
  • I feel I have wasted a great deal of time with fruitless searches on both and Obviously I have a new learning curve when it comes to searching for Canadian records. Paging through record sets and searching sideways have paid off.
OK, my husband is right, I have been at my computer more than I'd thought!

I'm short on time so rather than leave out some of the great posts that I read over the last couple weeks I'll skip descriptions and just link them up so you can check them out.

Family History Posts

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Great Tips

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Bill West said...

Thanks for the mention, Apple!

Susan Clark said...

Double thanks! I appreciate the mention and loved finding some "new to me" blogs to read.

Barbara Poole said...

Triple thanks Apple. The mention was a very nice surprise, and I'm glad you liked my hint.

Cherie Cayemberg said...

Thanks for the mention, Apple! I understand completely about the weather. I'm from Pennsylvania, but the weather in Texas has been too wonderful to not enjoy. Congrats on the successes! It's always inspiring to hear!

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

Thanks for mentioning my mystery story on my list. I've had several email messages and phone calls from cousins. We're trying to get a photo of the silver spoons to post online soon!

Dorene from Ohio said...

Apple, I accidentally went to another of your blogs....and I really like how you have people
in your top headers!! You are a very creative blogger :)