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Daniel Carlisle, 17 Aug 1862

Buchanan Aug 17 / 62

Dear Wife

I was so harried that I got Tamerson to
Write you first But Before We received
yours Last She Was taken sick & is yete
Sick But some Better the attack Was of
Billious feaver Doct Foster Broke it up
But She is Low & feeble she Will get
along if she has no more pull Back
She had Over done By Walking home
Twice while I was gone Julia Staid With
Her Last night the girls are At Church now
I have felt a great deal of anxiety about
your Trunk Befored Could hear it
Word in your Letters to others I must
Request you to Write more to the
Family & not so much to outsiders
I paid a quarter to get the trunk carried
To the Boat a quarter to the porter for
His promice to take it to the Baggage
Room At Columbus I got to Chicago
Tuesday fore noon Staid for the Cars
Till half past six P M Which gave me

(page 2)
A fine view of Chicago I Bought me a
good Long Linen Coat for 2$ pair of
Slips for 60cts Bells Coral Beads for 50 cts
Borrowed five Dollars of the money I had of
Esq Stevens I Doe not know how We Shoute
Have got Along if I had not in this sickness
my garden had grown fast in my absence
Especially the Weeds I hoed the Cabbages &
Turnips vines & I ploaghed & hoed my potat
toes over the river & then Went to Cutting
Grass on the same marsh Where I have
For 2 years past Ben Rugg is helping
Me We had a hard rain thursday
morning till nine A M Which made
The Picknick nearly a failure the
attendance Was Small no Speakers
From Abroad Roe & Edmons Were all
Dinner very sight none But marshal
masie I am not half done haying yet
the marsh is very Wet sinc the rain
John Hunter Died Since I was there
Died on the 6 Aug We had a Letter from
orville he is getting Better

(page 3)
The enlistments are going on Well McKiney
ms Dads Brother has inlisted a Company
Here abouts ___ Mr Mc Allister has
got up another 60 at Berrien some
from this town are in his Company
Plimton of __tes has got a Company
of Cavelry the 19 th_kig Ane to rendivos
at Dowagiac Henry Gilbert of Cold Water
Colonel I heared him Speak then the
next Saturday Afterday After I got
Home Went for half fare Clarkes
Talks are About as usual he Was
glad to see me it Was a great meeting
Speeches Were made By C Stewart Kallanago
Attorney General Alsson Howard of
Detroit & Gilbert about sixteen
Hundred Dollars Was raised for Bounty
For enlistments Ther has Been over two
Hundred Dollars raised in this town
The People Are awake espcially the
Republicans Democrats give But Little
At A War meeting Last night at the advent
Church Speeches were made By

(page 4)
By McKinney Doct Roe Alexander
Mr Tenant A Scotchman of Wesaw
Who has enlisted here Mr Harison has
Been here Yesterday says Mr Mason has
enlisted in Mr Alisters Comp the first
Call the Quota of this State Will Be
Filled Without drafting When I Went
For Tamerson on the Last day of School
Fanney & Bell & Bill & dick & Cato All
Went Edmans & Beckmen made Speeches
The Walls of the 3 Story Brick are nearly
up __ret Totten & Charley Terreene have
enlisted At Berrien Ulery in this Comp
They are mostly from the Woods But
few in from town Bell Was so pleased
When I got home She Wanted to go every
Whare Withe me She has a great Deal
To Say to Ben he carries her on his Back
Mary had to Come home Fannie Could not
get Along With the Whole & take of
Tamesen I think John has not heared
of her Sickness he Would have Ben home
there has Been no Way to send Word
he is expected every day Write Soon
Yours Truly
D Carlisle

(page 5)
I reieved A Letter from Roscoe he had
Been to Bristol to gratify his Curiosity
With a view of the old Place Sent in his
Letter Some of the pepermint that grew
near the Little Brook Back of the house
Thinks it looks Quite Rough There
I have Disposed of the Lange Cable But
Had another Before I got home Wm B
Perratt has Been appointed Quartermaster
Of the 12 Reg & has gone to Bolivar
Tenn Where they are I send you a
Paper With Letter of thanks from
Orderly Stevens Which is well done
We have excellent Potatoes Beets Corn
Squash Beans Cucumbers I am making
Pickles in Salt to please Tamesen
She thinks that the Best way Fannie
Had Cut off Bells hair She Looks
Frightful Went to the Ladies Society
At Ty Howes & gave them a full
account of your Where abouts &
Situation & and answered many
Questions D C

(page 6)
I Wait till morning and tell you
How Tamesen is Before mailing
If She is not Like to get along Well
I Shall Write you Without Waiting
An answer from this Send to the
Office often And Write often
Monday morning Aug 18
Tamesen appears About the Same the
Diarea is not so bad as it has Been the
Doctor has Been to See her this morning
I just got her A Bottle of Choice
Brandy from the Breck Store It Comes
In Bottles 1.50 per Bottle a pint & half
The girls Are going to Wash I must
Be off to the marsh the Weather is
Cool Since the rain Wheat us ____
In good order corn Looks well
I send you A paper With orderly
Stevens Letter of thanks for the
Goods I took them it is Well Done

Daniel lived in the village of Buchanan but his land was on the other side of the St Joseph river. I don't know where Tamerson would have been going to school. I also don't know who Bill, Dick or Cato were.

Julia = Julia Ann Carr Glover Earl, sister-in-law of Hannah Glover Carlisle.

Doctor Roe = J M Roe born about 1825 Indiana, per 1860 census. Probably son of Ely Roe.

Ben Rugg may have been Benjamin F Rugg born abt 1843 Indiana, living in Niles on 1860 census.

There were several men named John Hunter that I have found records for in Berrien and Cass counties.

For more see: Carlisle Family Letters

Carlisle, Daniel. (Buchanan, MI) to “Dear Wife”
[Hannah Glover Carlisle]. Letter. 17 August 1862. Digital Images 1-6.
Privately held by Charlotte Grabowski, Orlando, Florida. 2012.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1862,
Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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