Sunday, December 10, 2006

Carlisle's in Maplelawn Cemetery

I was sorting through some picture files today and ran across these. I took these pictures on my first research trip ever. I can't believe I only took these three! I will have to go back and take more and better shots sometime, perhaps next summer.

Maplelawn Cemetery, Bethany, Genesee Co, NY

The Town Hall. I believe it was originally the church.

A picture to help me locate the graves again in the future.

From left to right:

Mary A Carlisle 1844-1851 and Charles C Carlisle 1846-1851. Children of Charles D Carlisle, who was the son of George & Betsey (Torrey) Carlisle

Harriet Carlisle 1812-1894, spinster daughter of George & Betsey (Torrey) Carlisle

George Carlisle 1780-1851, son of Capt. Daniel Carlisle & Lydia Pierce
Betsey Torrey Carlisle 1779-1858, parents unknown

Maternal tree.

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