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Index for Sarah Ann Camfield Carlisle

She was called Anna or Annie


Carlisle Family Home

Descendants of Sarah Ann Wisner

Did They Marry Young?

Dining Out

Everybody Loves A Parade

Where Were They 100 Years Ago?

Wordless Wednesday - Four Generations


Sarah Ann Camfield, 26 Sept 1876
Sarah's thoughts on Anna's planned wedding.
Anna Camfield Carlisle, 9 Dec 1880
Tells of her move to Ganges, Allegan, Michigan. Talks about the family of Solomon Grimes. Mentions Mrs. Grover and Mrs. Howard. Also mentions Fannie Carlisle. Not clear if letter was sent to Sarah Ann Wisner Camfield or Hannah Glover Carlisle.

Annie Carlisle to Ella McKinnon, 12 July 1901
tells of Frank's service in Cuba, Other family news; DeEtte Bullen's death; Michael Camfield's death

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