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Annie Carlisle to Ella McKinnon July 12 1901

Buchanan Mich

July 12th 1901

Dear Cousin Ella

I seems quite like old times to be writing a letter to you. now if you are wondering who I am just guess. Mother sent me yesterday a letter she had received from Elizabeth. she writes that you would be glad to hear from Annie and sends me your address.

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I have often thought of you and wondered how you were getting along but had lost your address and could not remember the name of the post ofice.

I do not know which of wrote last but I guess we were both busy and just neglected to write.

And so you have four boys and four girls, you are ahead of me as we only have two boys and one girl. Our oldest went to the late war, when they returned from Cuba, his company was discharged, he soon married and is now

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living in Kentucky. his wife visited us this summer. our other two are school children yet. one 16 and one 14. Joseph has five children, two married and three at home. Mother makes me a long visit every summer and stays with Joseph in the winter. her health is good for one of her years 84. she reads and sews and seems to enjoy herself. Father died two years ago last February we miss him so much I was very sorry to hear of Deettes death. I did not know of Marthas until last

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summer. Uncle Wirt wrote us, it is so sad so many of your family gone. I expect Mother here in a few days, she usually comes earlier but this spring she went back to her old home and for a visit and has just got back to Joseph.

My husbands Mother makes her home with us and just now his sister and her son are visiting us so we have quite a family. Now Ella I would like to hear about yourself and husband and children and any of the family. do you live on a farm we live just in the edge of town. I must close now hoping to hear from you soon.

Your Cousin,

Mrs A Carlisle

Box221 Buchanan, Mich

If this was mailed to Ella I have no idea how it ended up in Annie's papers. Ella will respond so either this letter was sent or perhaps it was misplaced and Annie wrote another.

Elizabeth Belden was Ella’s older sister and and there will be letters from her later.

Even though I have been referring to my genealogy file often as I transcribe these letters the news of the deaths of DeEtte and Martha were a sad surprise for me. Previously I had no information about Martha's date of death. A quick check of the rootsweb mailing list archives for Lake County, Illinois gave me dates of 1853-1893 and burial in Hillside Cemetery. I have no idea why she died but besides her husband she left behind a very young son, Wirt Hall Fairman, Sr who was born 23 September 1891. I need to do some more research on Martha's line. I did have a death date for DeEtte, 3 June 1898. She had given birth to twins, Agnes and Angus Bullen on 20 May 1898 so she most likely died of complications after the birth. Photos of Deette's headstone and that of her husband, William Kelsey Bullen were found on the WI GenWeb page for Columbia County. My thanks to the volunteers, Larry & Linda Kopet, who put them there for me to find.
JUNE 3, 1898
© Larry and Linda Kopet 2008
used with permission

© Larry and Linda Kopet 2008
used with permission

Annie's father, Michael (Mikel) Camfield died 18 February 1899 in Batavia, MI. Annie was there at the time of his death. It was after he died that Sarah Ann moved in with her son Joseph in South Bend, IN. Annie and Ashley Carlisle lived in the Carlisle home at 803 Main St, Buchanan, MI. Ashley's step-mother, Hannah L. Glover Carlisle lived with them (or they with her, depending on perspective) when she was not traveling, which she did extensively.

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, Sarah Ann Camfield “Annie” (Buchanan, Michigan) to “Dear Cousin Ella” [Ella Hall McKinnon]. Letter. 12 July 1901. Digital Images 1-2. Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Snowville, New York. 2008. [Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1901, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan]


Tex said...

I think you'd written previously about DeEtte's death, but somehow Annie's saying it in her letter was a sad shock.

Like you, I wasn't sure I'd be interested in these letters since they weren't my family nor are they in a part of the country I know very much about. However, I've enjoyed every one of them--it brings home over and over the fact that there are the same themes throughout our lives and those of our ancestors. Thank you again for sharing them and for providing your guidance in who's who and where. It does make you wonder how this ended up in Annie's papers and I love her signature--"Mrs. A Carlisle"

Apple said...

Thanks Tex, I'm glad someone is enjoying them besides me. I have enjoyed reading old letters on other peoples blogs but usually there are only a few.