Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nardozzi Genealogy

Researching my husband's ancestry has been tough. The initial stumbling block was a lack of interest by any other member of the family. I interviewed both of my sisters-in-law and both were 100% certain that their grandfather was Generino Nardozzi so I had a starting point.

I entered what they had given me and since it wasn't my line I just let it sit for a long time. My sister-in-law found her copy of Fedele - Capadano - Nardozzi, As prepared by Phylis Fedele Fiorica (1991, Privately Published) and it confirmed what they had told me. I did a lot more data entry, found some census records but struck out at the Ellis Island site. Both the 1930 census and the SSDI gave his name as Gennaro Nardozzi.

Then one of the Uncles mentioned that the name had originally been Nardozza. He said that the named was changed during "the war" so it wouldn't appear that the family was from the wrong part of Italy. I searched for Gennaro Nardozza and found - too many! Based on Mrs. Fiorica's work he must have arrived 1906 or earlier which left three possible entries. Of the three, one was joining his Uncle - Leonardo Capadano (his mother's brother). I have now found most of the US records for this branch of the family.

I know that the family came from Rionero in Vulture, Province of Potenza, Basilicata Region, Italy. I don't speak or read Italian and really have no idea where to go from here so it will probably sit on the shelf until I find some motivation to dig deeper. I certainly have enough other projects to keep me busy for years!


Janice said...

If researching genealogy was easy, there wouldn't be quite so many people interested in it. Half of the enjoyment is meeting an obstacle and overcoming it.

I too found that family stories and information was "slightly incorrect"--just enough to keep me on a wild good chase for a few years :D


Steve Danko said...

Hi Apple,

Your article on Nardozzi Genealogy inspired me to write about my experience with researching Italian genealogy. I've even provided some research tips just for you!

I've posted my article on Beginning Italian Genealogy at

Untangled Family Roots said...

Boy do I know that one. I've got many many projects of my own, for friends and associates sitting in my file cabinet or on my desk. I just pull one out every now that then and pick up where I left off. It pays to keep good notes and not keep going on a project that you are burnt out or completely blocked on. I just set them aside and move on to another one. It keep the excitement going and the frustration at a minimum.

Good luck on your Italian ancestry. I'm sure it's just as frustrating as my husbands Native American roots.


Mike said...

I am a descendant of a Rionero Nardozzi. My great grandparents were named Francis and Carmella (nee D'Angelo) and were married in 1903.

The family lore gets somewhat apocryphal regarding his flight from the docks of Marselles to England, Canada, Pennsylvania, and ultimately Boston.

What is more certain is that they raised their family in Stoughton, MA. I am ashamed to admit that I dont know all of my grandfather's siblings names, but one was named Angelo. My grandfather's name was Michael.

Madison Nardozzi said...


Madison Nardozzi said...

Dear Mike,Hello it's Madison Nardozzi yor daughter