Thursday, September 13, 2007

Summer of Tedium

I haven't posted simply because I haven't done anything interesting. What little time I had to work on genealogy over the summer was spent doing tedious tasks.

My main file is riddled with garbage that I've been trying to weed out. You know those gedcoms that are so easy to download when you first start and and wish you hadn't when you realize later that they are totally undocumented and often wrong? I compounded my error by downloading entire files rather than just the portions of the files I wanted. I will never eliminate them all but at least I was smart enough to record where all my information came from so I know the garbage when I see it. I also ended up with two different files for one line that I've been trying to reconcile.

I have also spent long hours at the site we all love to hate right now, downloading copies of census records that I had referenced but never copied. I do not have the space to store print copies so I have also spent time trying to figure out how to create and arrange my digital files so that I can find them again in the future. Then there is the fun of burning copies and emailing them all to myself as backups.

I also cleaned out the office so that I can find the paper copies that I do have, I even organized them somewhat.

Boring but necessary. I hope to have time to work on something new soon.


Janice said...


Apple, so you mean those piles I have are not a good thing? lol


Miriam Robbins said...

Apple, sounds like you've had a productive summer, tedious though it may be. I'm in the midst of much the same thing, although since school has started (and the genealogical society year AND the genealogy class sessions I teach), I haven't put in much time on organizing lately, either!

Looking forward to more posts from you!

footnoteMaven said...


At least you've cleaned and organized, which would be quite an accomplishment at my house.

My great grandmother built a cabin cruiser in her back yard in a year and I can't clean my office in that length of time.