Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weekly Planner: Five Questions About Home

The five question challenge continues at Julianna Smith's 24/7 Family History Circle. This week we focus on our childhood home. I suspect my sister will have something to say about the first question!

  • What was your room like when you were growing up? Did you share it or did you have your own room? What did it look like?
    • After my sister was born we shared the back corner bedroom. I don't remember much about that room other than the open shelves on the wall. After the light was turned out I'd often see things on the shelves that resembled monsters. Somehow some toy of mine ended up under the dresser in that room and in my quest to retrieve it I somehow got my head stuck under it. My father hand to lift it off to free me. After Dad left we were moved into the large front bedroom where I promptly divided the room in two by lining the dressers up down the middle of the room. I blamed myself for the divorce and resented having to step up and help my mother with everything when she had to go to work. Add puberty to the mix and I was a rotten sister to share a room with! Country Girl has since forgiven me and is now not only my little sister but also my dear friend.
  • Did you have a backyard? A garden? Did you grow fruits and/or vegetables?
    • We had a large back yard with a swing set. There was a little bulb garden in the back corner of the yard. Mom had a rose garden in the front of the house and that was the only garden.
  • Did you have a secret hiding place?
    • On the side of the house was a row of shrubs with prickers. The way they grew there was a large hollow area in the center where I'd go when I didn't want to be found. I don't think my parents ever knew I could get in there.
  • What household chores were your responsibilities?
    • Prior to my parents divorce I had to pick up after myself. Later I had to help with everything except the cooking.
  • In what room did your family gather most? Was it in the living room or around the kitchen table? What did you do there? Sing? Talk about the day? Watch T.V.? Tell stories?
    • The house is only 850 square feet with a galley kitchen so the combination living room - dining room was pretty much our only place to be together. We did have a basement where we could go to play.

The home that my father grew up in was used as a baby camp before my grandparents purchased it.

My mother, aunt and uncle were the fourth generation to live in the Carlisle Family Home.

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Terry Thornton said...

I hope all of your readers will follow your link to the BABY CAMP. Thanks for this post --- it (the baby camp) describes a sad situation in our nation's past and how your community made things better.
Terry Thornton
Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi

CountryGirl said...

I can't believe you hid in that big pricker bush! I thought I could track you down anywhere! I think the whole spliting the room down the middle is quite funny. I don't believe Mom let us (well you, lol.) Sorry I was such a pain but I'm glad you like me better now. I love you Apple!