Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas and Deceased Relatives

December 20 - Christmas and Deceased Relatives
Did your family visit the cemetery at Christmas?
How did your family honor deceased
family members at Christmas?

My family has no traditions in regard to the departed, at any time of the year. I know this year we'll be thinking about Aunt Margaret, who passed away on December 23rd last year. She is the only one that I can think of that died close to the holiday. In any year where there has been a loss there is some sadness and reflection.

Every year I do think a bit about my Grandpa Berry when I go shopping. He was a tough guy to buy anything for. If he needed something he bought it. He had no hobbies. So every year we bought him Old Spice or another tie that he did not need. Many years he wouldn't even open his gifts when we were there. In 1981 I found myself broke and trying to get my shopping done at the last minute. I went to Woolworth's and they had men's sweaters with suede elbow patches marked way down and they were just the type he always wore. I figured he didn't really need another one but I could afford it so I bought it. I figured he'd be disappointed by my gift choice again.

Grandpa was not a demonstrative man. He would accept hugs but he never gave them. After he opened my gift that year he got right up out of his chair and came and gave me a hug. He was thrilled that I had taken the time to think about what he liked and what he might need. I know he gave me a gift that year, probably much needed cash, but I really don't remember. I wish I'd told him that that hug was the best gift he ever gave to me.

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Anonymous said...

Hugs and more Hugs, amazing how
your observation of his sweater,
turned out to be a great memory!

Lee said...

There's a moral to that story that I hope inspired all of your readers. It certainly has inspired me. :-)