Friday, December 21, 2007

My Christmas Music List

December 21 - Christmas Music
What songs did your family listen to during Christmas?
Did you ever go caroling?
Did you have a favorite song?

Being a bit under the weather and behind on just about everything I offer this repost from December 22, 2006 on my other blog.

I love most of the music of the season. My list is quite eclectic! By no means all inclusive, here's a few to check out.

I've already mentioned that I love Bing Crosby, especially White Christmas and The Little Drummer Boy.

The Oakridge Boys - Thank God for Kids (I don't know the family in the video but how sweet!)

Blue Christmas, I prefer Jon Bon Jovi but most of you will think of Elvis.

Happy Christmas, John Lennon Still dreaming of World Peace.

Let There Be Peace on Earth, Vanessa Williams - a mini theme here

Bells Will Be Ringing, The Eagles

The Little Saint Nick, The Beach Boys

Snoopy and the Red Barron Chistmas This was my kids favorite when they were young. The kids at work love it too.

I'm Gettin' Nuttin' for Christmas From my childhood. Go ahead sing along!

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, Elmo and Patsey - this one is pure fun.

It's Christmas Time in Syracuse, Benny Mardones. I couldn't find a link and I guess you'd have to be from here to like the song. Bean and I have been to see Benny together, the only concert we've been to together.

An Advent Calendar count down
to Christmas!

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I hope your feeling better!
Nice list, I will have to check
the Bon Jovi & Eagles songs out!