Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our First Christmas Eve

December 23 - Christmas Sweetheart Memories
Do you have a special memory of a
first Christmas present from a sweetheart?
How did you spend your first Christmas together?

John and I had been dating about nine months at Christmas. I still had my place and he had his. That first Christmas Eve he came over (after dropping PJ off at his ex's) and helped me put together toys for BJ and Bean. They weren't the most complicated toys so it was a pleasant evening spent together. All these years later I don't recall how we spent Christmas day or even if we saw each other Christmas day, but I'll always remember that Christmas Eve.
Christmas 1982

My kids and I moved into John's house the following year and there were many more years spent putting toys together. This year will be our 25th Christmas Eve together but we have no plans to assemble anything.

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Jasia said...

I remember all those "some assembly required" Christmases too! Many a Christmas Eve my husband and I were up into the wee hours putting toys together for the kids. Well, he was putting them together and I was feeding him Christmas cookies and hot chocolate until he'd inevitably get frustrated with some assembly directions written by someone who could barely speak English... then he'd switch to beer! LOL!

Somehow, the items all got assembled by Christmas morning but we were plenty tired that's for sure!


25 years is a reason to celebrate!
Have a good celebration!