Thursday, December 6, 2007

Santa Claus

December 6 - Santa Claus
Did you ever send a letter to Santa?
Did you ever visit Santa and “make a list?”
Do you still believe in Santa Claus?

I still believe in the magic of Santa Claus. The picture below was taken at Santa's Workshop, North Pole, NY. Living so close to the North Pole how could I not believe? Most years we also visited Santa at the E. W. Edwards Department Store in Syracuse. More on that tomorrow!

Summer 1964, North Pole, NY

I do remember writing letters to Santa. Mom would look at the list and remind me that Santa couldn't possibly bring me everything. Somehow he always knew what the most important item on the list was and a couple of times he brought me things I didn't know I'd love until they appeared under the tree. I still write to him!

Mom remembers Santa actually visiting their house. He would show up loaded down with presents. It never failed that just before his arrival Mom's Aunt Ruby would have to use the outhouse and be disappointed that she had missed him. Finally one year Mom's sister felt that it was time that somebody put two and two together for Mom and Santa came no more.

Any day now some bully at work will tell one of my littlest ones the "truth" about Santa. It will be my job to tell everyone that Santa only brings presents to good little girls and boys who believe. Then I'll make the bully wait to get off last and when I have them alone they'll have to endure my lecture about the spirit of Christmas. I don't know if my lecture gets through to them or they just don't want to suffer the embarrassment of being the last one to go into school but we'll have no more trash talk about Santa!

I've transcribed some letters to Santa from 1931 here. And if you want to see what kids in the Utica, NY area are asking for this year, here's a link.

An Advent Calendar count down
to Christmas!

Who else is participating?

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