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Wisner Bible Records

Holy Bible
Containing the Old and New Testaments
Translated out of
The Original Tongues
And with the
Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised

For The American Bible Society
By D & G Bruce

Printed by A Paul, 72 Nassau St
New York

First page of entries:

William Wisner
was born march the
27th -----------1783

Elizabeth Wisner
was born July the 3

Printice M Wisner
was born october the
26th --- 1815

Sarah ann Wisner
was born october the
9th 1817

Second page of entries:

Anthony B Wisner
was born November
the 28th ----- 1819

Mary ette Wisner
was born october the
14th ------ 1821

William A Wisner
was born April the
2nd ------- 1824

Henry S Wisner
was born June the
21 - 1826

Third page of entries:

George A Wisner
was born may the
24th ------- 1829

Margaret E Wisner
was born September
the 16th ------- 1831

Marshall Wirt Wisner
was born december
the 29th -------1833

(in a different hand writing)
Anthony 81
Mary Bookout 80?

Fourth page of entries:

William Wisner died
Nov 25th 1877

Elizabeth Wisner died
July 22nd 1877

Fifth page of entries:

Mrs Elizabeth Wisner
9 ½ 1828

Mary /4 Wisner Hall

Emmet D Hall

Sixth page of entries:


Transcription notes

All of the entries on the first three pages (except as noted at the end of page 3) appear to have been written by the same person and all at the same time.

On page 3 Anthony refers to Anthony Badgley. He and Mary Bookout were the parents of Elizabeth Wisner. I have no idea what the numbers mean. Anthony was 79 when he died and Mary 67.

The fourth page appears to have been written by the same person as the other entries but at a different time.

The names and dates on the fifth page do not have any relevance to events that I am aware of.

The sixth page I believe was someone calculating the age of death of Marshall W Wisner.

I believe that most of the entries were made by Marshall W Wisner or some other member of his family because the bible was handed down through his line.

I have only photo copies of the bible pages that were sent to me by a cousin who is in possession of the bible.

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