Friday, December 28, 2007

2008 To Do List

Well it seems I still have most of my 2007 list left. I knew that some of the items from last year were wishful thinking but I honestly thought that I would get more done. I know that come spring my garden and The Bus will take up a considerable amount of my time (and finances). I would like to get to Mom's more often than I do now. If I can work next summer I will even though my whole body aches at just the thought! Some of my goals for next year have changed from the list that I made last year.

Very doable items:
  • Scan, scan and scan some more
  • Get to Mom's more often and get her talking about her memories
  • Transcribe the memories Mom has already written down
  • Add at least five new people to WeRelate each week. I know that isn't many but I want to set goals I can reach. Also I need to invite some distant cousins to add to what I have there.
  • Continue to "fix" my file. I have duplicates to sort out and source citations that need improvement.
  • Mine the three data bases I have subscriptions to. I can transcribe on down time at work and after the subscriptions run out.
  • Post more family data here with the hope that will lead to more connections.
  • Learn how to create digital scrapbooks.
  • Take my camera to work and get cemetery pictures on my down time.
Wish-list items:
  • Get to the Ontario County Raims. While I'm down that way I'd like to visit some more of the cemeteries in Phelps and Bristol.
  • Travel to either Michigan or New Hampshire to do some research. If I can get Mom to travel I'll go to Michigan. If she's not up to it I'll probably stay closer to home and head to Westmoreland, NH with plenty of other stops. I hope I can do this on my April break as it never seems to work out in the summer.
  • Get to the Jefferson County Historical Society to see what they have. Also, locate the graves of my Kelly ancestors in Adams, NY.
  • Finish the Carlisle book. At some point I have to stop researching and finish it but there always seems to be one or two more things I want to find first. I guess I can always edit it later.
  • Get to the library and the FHC on a regular basis. If I'm going to travel to Syracuse it will be to see Mom so I doubt I'll get to the library. There are two FHC's, each about 35 minutes away, with one being much closer to work. I just have to adjust my schedule to be able to get there when they're open.
This was written for the 39th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene. What will you be working on in 2008?


Thomas MacEntee said...

Well Apple, just like dieting, some resolutions are kept better when you have a buddy. Digital scrapbooking is on my radar - I even bought Adobe Photoshop Elements (over at Jasia's Amazon store) so I am serious about it.

So now, if I hold you to your resolution, you can hold me to mine. Deal?

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Sounds like a plan! I'm playing with a couple of free options but I really should buy a program.

I like the new pic! You're ready for both Mardi Gras and St Patrick's Day.