Thursday, February 14, 2008

And the Winner is.....

The iGene awards are brought to you via the 42nd edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.

The judging for Best Picture was tough as many pictures are personal favorites but only one may be chosen so the award goes to the picture of my Uncle from Carlisle Family Home. From the straw hat to his not so happy expression, right on down to his bare little feet, this picture is a family treasure.

For Best Screenplay the award goes to A Very Special Christmas Stocking. A drama with a happy ending, maybe the Hallmark channel will pick it up. Based on facial recognition software Sissy Spacek will play my part.

The award for Best Documentary goes to My First Job. Tobacco farming in the 1970's was an experience I'll never forget.

In the Best Biography category there was only one entry last year. I was surprised that I only wrote one but pleased that Ruby Blanche Camfield was later featured at WeRelate.

The final award of the evening, for Best Comedy, goes to Dis(co)location. This was inspired by Janice and I had fun creating it. Go ahead and have a laugh with me. I will be returning to the scene of the crime in August for my niece's wedding reception. Will history repeat itself?



I liked the picture of the child
in the large hat! Very nice post!

Janice said...

The look on your uncle's face is precious lol, but certainly my favorite is your disco dancing! I enjoy reading all of your family stories.


footnoteMaven said...


Congratulations on your iGene Awards. I think all your selections were winners.

However, I still laugh out loud when I think about your Bathroom Follies post. It was priceless.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

JewelGirl - Thanks!

Janice - I had a lot of fun with the disco video and it has become a family favorite.

fM - I actually thought about choosing Bathroom Follies but decided to limit my picks to this blog.

Lori Thornton said...

You've been tagged in the non-fiction meme.

Terry Thornton said...

Apple, I'm so glad you selected your tobacco farming job (My First Job) as one of your iGenes. That was my favorite!