Friday, February 22, 2008

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

David recently suggested "Shampoo" as a reminder to look again and referenced Craig's reminder back in December. They were both talking about rechecking online data bases. I've been doing just that in preparation for my trip to Michigan. Turns out I should have spent some time rechecking records I already had!

I have an old photo of the headstone of David Glover, my 3rd great-grandfather. The photo isn't very good and shows tall grass in front of the stone. On the back was written, "Around Mottville, left hand side going in small County cemetery." Mottville is in St. Joseph Co., MI and I hadn't been successful finding an online cemetery listing when I last tried a couple of years ago, so I decided to try Find A Grave. I entered his name and Viola!, there was his listing in La Grange Cemetery (aka Whitmanville) in Cass Co. Previously I had a death date of 28 Aug 1848, obtained from family records. The listing here gives 10 Aug 1852 so I will have to resolve the dates but the birth date matches what I have from several different sources.

David's daughter, Louisa Lambert Glover, married Daniel Carlisle and died, presumably in Cass Co., between 1850 & 1852. I looked at all the entries for the cemetery hoping that she would be found here also. No luck. I went back to David's record and clicked on the link for the person that had submitted the info. She stated that she had gotten the information from the Cass Co GenWeb page, so I headed over there.

There I found the Whitmanville Cemetery transcript, listed by rows. Viewing the record in this manner the name Melvina, listed just above and again below David's, jumped out at me.
Knapp, Melvina "Our Mother" 22y 9m 7d Feb 21, 1872
Glover, David May 11, 1775 Aug 10, 1852 77y 2m 29d
Parker, John (a mason) 64y 5m 19d Aug 25, 1863
Parker, Melvina F 75y 8m 19d Mar 15, 1884

Another of David's daughter's was Malvina F. Glover, born 26 December 1807, Milford, Worcester, MA. I had no idea what might have happened to her and in all honesty I never looked very hard. The dates for Melvina F. Parker did not match up exactly with what I had but they were close enough.

A few minutes searching at Ancestry and I found this:

The family of John & Malvina Parker is listed just before the family of Daniel & Louisa Carlisle. I have had a copy of this census page for years and I never noticed the obvious! David had another daughter named Mentoria and it appears that Malvina may have named a daughter for her also. Mentoria Glover was born 18 Sept 1818, Phelps, Ontario Co, NY and is another of the family I never tracked down.

I still don't know when Louisa died or where she is buried. I have a lot of leads to track down on Malvina and her family. I also found the transcription of the Edwardsburg Cemetery on the Cass County GenWeb page, so I know where to look for other members of my Glover family.

I will be revisiting much of my research for my Southern Michigan lines over the next few weeks. I hope to visit several cemeteries and will take lots of pictures in the hopes of being able to "pay forward" the help I received from the kindness of strangers.


Randy said...

I've been encountering the name Viola a lot lately. Could it be that she's really the world-famous Voila!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...


Lori Thornton said...

It's really cool that we both had ancestors living in Mottville Twp., St. Joseph Co., Michigan, even if mine only lived there about 8 years!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Hi Lori,
I may still have relatives there, I'm working on that. They arrived at White Pigeon Prairie in 1839 and there was a very large group of them. The Carlisle's, Glover's and Wheeler's seemed to either travel together or follow each other quickly. Some stayed but many continued on, moving every few years. Their migration across the country fascinates me. Did your ancestors make the leap from NY to MI?