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Ella McKinnon to Annie Carlisle Oct 29, 1905

Mapleton Minn

Oct 29th 1905

My dear Cousin

I received your and your mothers letters 2 weeks ago Friday & I was going to answer right away but when I went to write I found I had no envelopes so had to wait until I could get them & I have not had time to write until now and to day is a stormy day so I did not go to church and it makes the day so long and lonesome.

We had a lovely fall until 2 weeks ago yesterday then it began raining and has been cold and nasty


ever since and to day it is snowing but it is not so very cold now it is nearly 3 O’clock.

Our crops were fine our corn is not all husked yet but what they have got out are fine our potatoes did not amount to anything it was so wet we could grow them it came off to dry we had them so we could get some all the time so we could get some all the time just to eat but had to buy for the winter we had to pay 40 cts a bushel for them

Our first frost came Oct 10th and we have had one nearly every night since.


I have been doctoring since I wrote last so I feel good again & I have not had to wear glasses yet will sit and read all the evening and fine print at that

You said you did not get away much I do not go much but our Sunday school have an annual picnic every year and I have to help about that I go, then in the fall our church has a supper & fair and I have to do my share of that I am not much of a hand to go ahead but there are some in the church that

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think they cannot get along with out one I don’t know as I help much but they say I have got to be there.

Annie can’t you get your mother’s picture for me I would like it so much. I tried to get Uncle Henry’s when I saw him but he would not get it takin but he gave me the one he had taken with his soldiers clothes on and I think so much of that

I put a not inside that pincushion cover for your mother I could not stuff that & send it very well or I would have done so. So you stuff it for her. It is for your mother.

Ever your loving

write soon Cousin Ella

I wonder if Annie sent a picture of Sarah to Ella? Here's one of Sarah with her husband, Michael Camfield that was probably taken sometime in the 1890's - I wish I had a better date for it.

Annie must have started wearing glasses about this time. I believe this picture was taken closer to 1920.

I wish a picture of Uncle Henry had been sent to Annie! Maybe Ella's copy still resides with one of my distant cousins.

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