Thursday, August 14, 2008

Backing up my blog

Miriam recently had her blog locked out for awhile, see her post about that here.

I have no advertising on my site so I am not overly concerned about this happening to me but my blog could still disappear or be blocked for reasons beyond my control. I sometimes write my posts in a word processing document that gets saved (all of the letter transcriptions are done that way) but many of my posts were simply written in the post editor, so no other copy was made.

Once a month (more or less) I have been copying all of my posts to a word processing file. This method does not save all of the comments unless I copy them also and comments that get left after I have made my copy usually don't get added. I also subscribe via email to both my posts and comments and therefore have a back-up in an email folder. However I did not start this until earlier this year so anything written before that is not there. The best thing about the email option is that it is automatic which is great for someone like me that suffers from CRS (Can't Remember Stuff.)

Miriam backed up her blog by using WordPress. I followed suit and now have another copy of my blog online. I have set it to private for now. Even though many of the templates offered are very nice, I don't think I'll be switching to WP in the near future as it is very limited in how you can layout your blog and what you can add. Most of the widgets I use here are not allowed there. I am happy to have another option and will probably stop copying to a word processing file.


Miriam Robbins said...

I think WordPress is a nice option for backing up my Blogger blog, and of course, WordPress users may wish to use Blogger to back up theirs. The only "problem" is that internal links (where you link to another post on your blog) won't cross over; they'll just link to the post over at your other URL. But that's fine by me.

I'd back up my posts and comments to my hard drive, but right now, I've nearly filled it and am desperately cleaning out unused files and folders to find some room for the images I need to scan at the next Scanfest!

Becky Wiseman said...

Apple, I backup my blogs two ways. After each post is published I copy it to a word document and save it on the hard drive. I like having the posts on my hard drive so that I can reference them without being online. Of course, as you stated, this doesn't save the comments. I also import posts and comments into Wordpress as a backup about once a week.