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Elizabeth Belden to Annie Camfield Mar 3, 1912

Benedict Nebr Mar 3

My Dear Cousin

Your letter telling of Aunt’s death reached me yesterday; am pleased to have you notify me so promptly.

The news, though sad, is not of course wholly unexpected as at her great age we could not expect to have her here much longer at the best; I am so glad she was able to keep up to the last, to be not just a care but to enjoy the family life, to do little things to while away the hours & to appreciate the care and love I am sure you gave her.

It’s a pleasure to me that she could write me such a

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Little while ago: I thought then that probably it would be the last I would ever get from her and I value it as such.

You cannot fail to miss her and I am sure you will all long remember her; my Father and she were the same age his birthday being Oct 23 and he has been gone more than 20 years but we often think and speak of him

We have had a hard winter here, cold and stormy: yesterday was one of the worst storms of the year; at least of snow and wind it was not as cold as others have been and we hope it will be the last

I had to make a path this morning before we could get out of the gate

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and to our coal house it was more than half way to my waist

Today there has been snow in the air at intervals and looks as though there might be more.

We live only a block from the school house and the town runs a snow plow to the building so that Effie can always get to her work but these days are unpleasant in spite of these advantages
We have been well so far in spite but sometimes I think the later weather with its mud and wet is harder on us

With love and best regards to all of you I will close and sign myself
Your loving cousin
S Elizabeth Belden
Hope to hear from you again

Sarah Ann Wisner Camfield died in February 1912, at the age of 94. There were other condolence letters dated late in the month. Sarah Ann was buried next to her husband in Bronson, MI. Some of the other letters refer to a severe snow snow that the mourners had to travel through.

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Belden, Sarah Elizabeth Hall (Benedict, Nebraska) to “My Dear Cousin” [Sarah Ann Camfield Carlisle]. Letter. 3 March 1912. Digital Images 1-3. Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Snowville, New York. 2008. [Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1912, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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Tex said...

Still enjoying reading your letters, Apple. :-)

This is a poignant letter but I like the straightforwardness of it-- acknowledging that death has come to the family. The description of the snow reminds me of my winters in South Dakota--"these days are unpleasant" indeed.