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Sarah Ann Camfield, 12 Nov 1880

Noble Nov 12 1880
Dear Children
Now we dont want you to go away off there without comeing to see us now why can you not come this way when you go move you wil go by rail I suppos wil it be so very far out of your way Now we are allready for you Mr and Mrs B have been here and papered and whitewashed our house all up so we are as clean and brite as anew pin they have gone now but wil be back to night and go home in the morning she sends her love and says if you come we must all come to see them
come if you can all of you

page 2

Ashley I mean you and Frank to I dont know howmany jobs Mike has laid up til Ahly come if any thing is said about any thing wants fiscing he says well when Ashley comes we wil have him fix it but we dont want you to come for that we want to see you and want you to see our big calf we have a spring calf that we want to get 30 dollars for about Christmass
and the smartest colt you ever saw about 6 weeks old
without bragging I wish you could see our stock it is not much lik we had in buchanan if it was not for the rent we could have something after while I just sold 18 hogs four 4 dollars ahundred dont get the money

page 3

until wednesday morning when they are weighed Mike thinks they will come to 200 dollars I am afraid not but hope they wil we have paid all the rent that is due but 8 dollars there is no more due until april next

in haste

S A Camfield

write soon

It seems a move is imminent for Anna and Ashley. It will come as no surprise that Sarah did not get her visit.

Tomorrow a letter from Anna.

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