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Sarah Ann Camfield, 23 April 1880

Noble Center april 23rd 1880

Dear Children
we received your letter and papers and have been going to write before but it is such a task to keep my mind on anything long enough to write Mr and Mrs B have been here the last three weeks but now they have moved to Cold water we have a hired man and girl we discharged the man lastnight so there is only 3 of us now I got along alone until the first of april then I was obliged to get agirl I am well enough it I donot work but if I do any thing of any acount I have to go to the Doctors and get medacine I sputter around of cours you know what a hand I am to kep stil just immagine me sitting still when I feel able to work

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we are very sorry that you have so much bad luck now I am going to tell you Mrs Bs receipt for your rheumatism she has known several to be cured with it you can try it or not as youlike
it is take 1 pound of sulphur put it in a jar and pore 1 galon of boiling water on it let it stand and settle and take 2 or 3 good swallows every morning of the water
Margaret McKnight is dead she died in november we do not know any thing about Will Seaver got ajugment against him of 75 doller but cannot collect any he has no more than the law allows him I went to the trial
about two after seaver came here and claimed pay for him self and team for working for us in harvest he wanted 20 dollars he said that was what we paid the

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Johnsons he did as much as they and boarded him self most of the time he said he was not ther to breakfast but once I gave him $10 and a bag of wheat and took receipt so I think we wont be troubled with them any more Mrs Seavers sewing machine was sold for taxes and her 40 acre back of Plants was to be sold this month on a mortgage for house rent
Will Plant has moved over north of Burr Oak 2 ½ miles on the Grayrim farm his Father Sold him out where he did live the 2 families are very much at variance with each other Marer says they have paid agooddeal on it the 2 last years they have worked it on shares they have had every bit of their share she says he was very particular about dividing every thing the old folks says they have

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not had any thing
Josy wrote while ag that they thought they should come to visit us about the 10th of may can you and Ashly come to I would like to have you if it is so you can but if not come as soon as you can
they say Mag was burrd by the town and that the town is supporting Will but I think that cant be so but I suppose she was burred by the town but he had the horses harness plow and so much other stuff that he can hardly on the until that was gone
I have 3 lambs in the house this morning we had a hard thunder storm last night no more now
S A Camfield

I believe this is the last letter that references McKnight's.

Wihout punctuation I am not sure if she is talking about Will McKnight or Will Seaver. Later in the letter she seems to indicate Will McKnight. Things don't seem to be going well for either the McKnight's or the Seaver's.

I think Will Plant was the son of Harrison, mentioned in an earlier letter.

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