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Sarah Ann Camfield, 29 May 1877

Burr Oak May 29th 1877

Dear children we are well all there is left Father and myself Rozy and the Children went away a week ago last saturday we have not heard from them yet I feel very anxious to hear the Children had the whooping cough very hard they were better when they went away the baby could hardly hold up it’s head it was so poor it did not look like its self it was the patientist little thing you that could be you would not believe the little thing could live and cough as she did Fredie coughed very hard but was stouter and could stand it better now Father is away all day at work in his corn and potatoes a mile from home takes his dinner is gone from 6 in the morning until 6 at night and I am all alone the nearis neighbor is about half as far as it was to seavers and I have not seen her yet
Seavers live in the white house as you go to burr oak the first one before the brick we sold every thing but 2 cows and 1 hog so have not much to be bothered with the cows we hire pastured the hog is shut up I bought 6 hens and a rooster 1 hen died


I want you to tell Mrs. Strawseight that I am looking every day for that letter she promiced me last winter but have not seen it and that she must not go off to England or California without comeing to see me first
tel Ashley Sam __iners has got that big chair that he saw at the railroad and it stands in our old sitting room in the big house
the 80 and the wood lot and and Seavers that he got of Boil was sold the 17 of May
I aint going to tel you any thing about how it looks here you must come and see and then you will know I think you never went by the place they all say our wheat looks the best of any they sel any whare
Joseph wrote for her to come to south bend and said he had a job but did not say what it was nor how
Father is expecting you out at harvest time if any thing happens or you don’t want to come write and let us know is Almyra married write soon
S A Camfield
I suppose you think this putting on stile but never mind nothing from east nor west

Mike and Sarah moved many times during their marriage. I have too and wonder if Sarah hated moving as much as I do.

More on the Seaver family can be found here. They seem to also have a connection to the mysterious McKinight's.

Sarah Binns Strauseight's letters can be found here.

Almira Lawina Guttrich was a friend of Anna's. She Married George O Phillips in Berrien Co, MI on 2 Feb 1877. "Goodrich's" are mentioned in other letters. In a letter to her mother-in-law, Hannah Glover Carlisle, dated 18 May 1890 Anna said:
My friend from Galien (I guess you remember her) Mrs Myra Phillips died this spring she left 3 little girls the youngest only a few months old.

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Camfield, Sarah Ann Wisner. (Burr Oak, MI) to “Dear Children” [Anna Camfield Carlisle]. Letter. 29 May 1877. Digital Images 1-6. Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Snowville, New York. 2008. [Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1877 - 1879, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan. 2008.]

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