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Sarah Strauseight, 9 January 1876

Jan 9th 1876

My dear Friends

I commenced a letter to you right after Christmas but could not find time to finish it. You well know that one who is servant to the public. They dont care who is served first just so they are. and it was just before the holidays when Mr. Carlisle called we were ever so glad to hear from you but but would much rather have seen some of you and had a Talk instead of this miserable writing and then cant tell half what one wants to. well I asked all the questions I dared to. about you but forgot to wish him much joy or even if you were married but concluded you were not or else he would have been so over joyed he would have told me. Well a thousand thanks for your kind remembrance in the presents of nuts they were

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quite a treat to us. What a singl__ winter we are having to day has been a miserable stormy rainey day and it has Thundered Several times and to night it seems as if we should have snow and have winter for cirtain if it does come good slaighing do you think you will come to see us we should be ever so glad to see you cant you get the other man to do your chores for you while you steal away awhile, Now I want to ask you one question if you will not think me too inqusidtive if you do you need not tell me. it is this. has Mr McKnight give you any security for your services I hope he has for I fear he will never get there himself and I feel interested for you if I had knon that Mr Carlisle I sould have sent you the money for a few pounds of your butter. I got a small jar of Mrs Plats but I tell you it is not like yours Lizzie says O I wish we had some of Aunties butter. Well we have been having gareat times here in regurd to meetings the desiples and the advents have had meetings for more than three weeks every day and night they have baptized 190 or near 200 persons and still the work goes on. I sincerely hope the result may be for the best still among so many there is always those who are carried away by excitement but I think there are some who will stand. well we have entered on another year 1876. I tell you I for one feel frail my left Lung has pained me a good deal fro a few days but I hope I shall feel better after this Thunder storm you know it always affects me. at any rate I want to live this year as if it were my last. but when I come to fathom my own corrupt heart which is evil and evil continually I fear and not reason that a being So Sinful can never enter a place of such purity and Bless. at times I feel as if my lifes mission was worthless and that I did not fill any place yet Ill try to do my duty patiently and leave the result with him who does all things right. Father is real poorly the w_rm is at the core and is Steach____

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surely doing his work. Lizzie has written you a letter her self so you will see how she is. Bro phinehas sold out his grocery to a man by the name of Smith Mr Day was determined to sell out his shair and he did not want a stranger for a partner so they sold the whole to him phinehas had not capital enough to carry it on alone I dont know what he will go into now Harry says he dont know what you wanted to move away for just as he was getting aquainted with you Lizzie and him has loud times Now I dont think of any thing more to tell you only I have not done any thing more to my carpet since you helped me nor quilted any of my quilts yet well good night dont fail to write soon for we are always glad to hear from you

yours IC

Mr. Carlisle was Isaac Ashley Carlisle. He and Anna Camfield married 2 October 1876.

Phinehas was her brother, Joseph Phinehas Binns and Harry his son.

"Lizzie and him has loud times." A phrase I will now use when the grandkids come to visit!

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