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Sarah Ann Camfield, 7 May 1885

Noble Center May 7th 1885

Wel Anna

I suppose you think I have forgotten to write but have not but have been so busy I have not had much time we did not move until the 20th instead of the 1st as we had expected and I have been alone to do it all and it made slow work and we have so little room to what I have been having that I did not know how to go to work no rainwater I do miss that as much as any thing but the pantries we have not pantry here we have verry poor buildings on the place poorer than we thought when we bought we think of building after harvest we kept 2 cows and two horses and 6 hogs and the hens that is all the live stock we have

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yes I am raising a pet lamb this is the 8th one I have had since we lived here we are having such cold weather I suppose you are about the same thing the apple trees are all killed in these parts but I hope not we have a good Orchard on our place there is some quite low land on the place not marsh it is grown up to small soft maples and willows such if we get it cleared and seeded it will grow the biggest kind of hay we are plowing for corn he is going to put in 16 acres on Bogarduses place this spring we have sowed about 5 acres of oats on our place we want to put 5 acres of corn on our place but it is so late and sold I am afraid it will not get done it dont much lik corn growing this summer we was going to Bronson to day but it was so cold andy windy could not

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Frankey Grandma thanks you very much for that nice letter you sent her she thinks it was nicely done She wants to know how that little brother of yours is getting along does he grow any and what is his name

how are you all write soon as you can and tell us of Carlisle I guess the name wont run out if you have a boy every 7 year

S A Camfield

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