Monday, January 19, 2009

Memories on Monday - A NC Winter

In the mid 1970's I spent a school year living with my father and step-mother on a farm near Clayton, NC. I had trouble adjusting to many things but the weather was not one of them. On Christmas day I wore shorts and I believe that was the holiday we had a pig roast!

As the season moved deeper into winter it did turn colder but compared to what I was used to it was quite pleasant, even when it finally was cold enough to snow. I have no idea what the date was but I remember being at band practice after school and a few pitiful flakes began to fall outside the band room windows. Those few flakes signaled the end of practice and everyone rushed outside to stand in the snow. To my mind they had all gone crazy. The snow was melting as soon as it touched the ground and I could not understand what all the excitement was about.

Memories from 35 years ago are a tad hazy so I can't tell you if it was the next morning or a month later but one day I woke up to flurries and a dusting of snow on the ground. I got my morning chores done without any difficulty and washed up for school. I headed up the long driveway and past the barns to the road to wait for the bus. I waited and waited and waited some more and I got very chilled as I waited. I couldn't imagine what had delayed the bus but I knew if I missed it that I would catch hell from my father. I finally returned to the house to learn that there would be no school, there was snow on the ground and any dummy should know that. A good laugh was had at my expense that morning - one of many that year.

This memory was triggered by a comment left by Tipper of Blind Pig & The Acorn.

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