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Sarah Ann Camfield, 9 Nov 1887

Noble Center Nov 9th 1887

well I will try to answer your letter we got the babys picture I thought I had written we also got the boys we think them very nice I think Frank has changed very much in both looks and size he looks like anice large boy but I do not know who Daniel looks like but think he is pretty good looking boy we are getting along as well as we can Father is huskin Corn he is getting pretty well along with it we have about half a crop that is better than the most around here a goodeal aint worth husking we have about 100 bushels of old Corn
Freddy does the house work what is done I have tried to help alittle for the last week or two but it dont amount to much I but I am up and ride out some walk out to the barn and round the yard yesterday I made some squash pies tomorrow I am going to try baking


bread for the first time in two months and a half we have bakers bread until I am tired of it
I am taking medicine yet yet the Doctors have not left me yet
I have had a pretty serious time but am getting alone nicely now the Doctors think I will get along if I am careful they have had several similar caces this summer they say I have got about the best of any of them Freddy is going to the office so I will say

Good by for this time

S A Camfield

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