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Sarah Ann Camfield, 12 May 1887

Noble May 12th 1887

Wel I am all most ashamed to write I have waited so long but if you excuse me I will try to do better I have not been very wel and we have been so buisy it seemed as if I could not I would think tomorrow I will write but tomorrow always brings its work and cares and I cannot get along with them as I used to not by a goodeal
it bothers me to write I cannot think or remember as I used to my head troubles me very much some days I can hardly do anything
Father is sick now we have been to the Doctors for medacine to day he was taken last night he seems better this after noon I am in hopes it not last long he is lying on the lounge and taking medicine every half hour


we expected to plant corn tomorrow and potatoes saturday but they wil have to wait we have planted 16 acres of corn on Bogarduses place we have 5 acres of oats here on our place we did not sow any wheat here last fall we have about 16 acres of wheat on B’s place that we have one half of
Bogardus has not rented his farm yet the house stands empty only when he is there she comes about twice a year and stays a day or two he comes every few weeks and fetches his grub and stays 4 or 5 days tinkering around fixing fences he will not let it for less than five hundred dollars a year
13 well now it is another day Father is feeling better he is going to carry this to the office I have no chickens yet but expect a lot next week
wel Frank how do you like that little sister and what is her name I suppos you


wil call her Millie after that Case girl does Daniel talk yet wel I suppose that little girl is anice thing at your house I wish I could see her and all of you are you all comeing to see us this summer
we have no Calves yet this spring I your Mother Carlisle at your house and how is her health and Mrs Strawsght is she better Mrs Woods is she well

well Ashley Mike says he thinks you will have to begin to put additins to your house Anna I suppose you do not hear from the Illinois folks or you would let me know how are you getting along are well and the Children Ashley how is your health this spring how is the prospec for work these hard times verything seems dull this way Frank why dont you write Grandpa and Grandma a letter


I got a whitewashbrush the other day and am going to try to do my own whitewashing if I can

S A Camfield

write as soon as you can and as often

I haven't figured out who Millie Case was. Frank (Francis) Carlisle was born in 1878 and I assume she was close to his age. There were several Case families in Buchanan.

Daniel Carlisle would have been a little over two years old.

Tamerson Louisa Carlisle was born 12 April 1887 in Buchanan, Berrien, MI.

My best guess is that Mrs Woods was Nancy L Wood or Woods, born about 1810-1811 Vermont. She was the wife of William Wood(s). I really have not investigated very far on this but their son was born in New York so perhaps there is some realtionship that I have yet to discover.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if they both had the same illness or if she had something more than a virus and he was just sick at that time? Still enjoying the letters.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...


I'm guessing that same as today, viruses ran through a home. But I think Sarah also had ongoing health issues at the same time.

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