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Sarah Ann Camfield, 7 Oct 1887

Noble Center Oct 7 1887

Dear Anna

I just got your letter today I suppose you are very anxious so will try to write alittle I am getting better but am verry hove not been able to sit up but 2 days until to day I went out door this morning for the first time in six weeks
I helped fred alittle about the dinner to day we but our Bread and hire the washing and ironing done and he does the threst he skims milk and makes the butter works it and packs it what what we dont use it sels the same as if I did it
9th I thank you for your generous offer but we are getting along verry well and I am glad if you are able to take care of your self and family without helping me we will be ever so glad to have you come and see us but I want to be well so I can enjoy the visit I suppose you know today is my 70th birth day


Father is well as usual
it has rained all day and still rains
must lie down so will say gooby for this time
S A Camfield

will write again when I can

Happy Birthday Sarah Ann!

I wonder how Anna heard that her mother was will? Sarah hadn't been feeling well back in May.

Family oral history says that Fred Camfield went to live with his grandparents in 1886 or 1887 because he was too much for Rose to handle after her daughter Pearl was born. Was that the real reason, or did he go for the summer as he usually did and stay because he was needed? Or perhaps a little of both?

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