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Anna Camfield Carlisle, 5 May 1890

Buchanan Mich.
May 5th, 1890

Dear Ashley your letter came this evening. yes Orville brought the money all right and I wrote you a long letter last Tuesday evening telling you what I had done with ot. I paid Helmick and Mrs. Voorhees and paid up all the grocery bill and got 50 pounds of flour from the mill, and some groceries that we needed, and cloth for Frank and Daniel pants

Today I have taken up the sitting room carpet and Orville whitewashed and then we went to town and got the paper and tomorrow he is going to put it on. he said he was having chills when the came

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but has got over them now and was weighed and finds that he weighs more than he ever did before he went and got some cowslip greens saturday and I thought prehaps you would be home so I kept them for sunday so you would have them we had greens and soup for dinner if the soup was made with watter. Had a letter from your Mother saturday. she is weaving 30 yards of carpet for Aunt Corbin. Bell has a son born April 18 all doing well (William Carlisle Osborn) I told you in the other letter that Hallie had writen that Werter had bought a half interest in a mill. Arlie is going to learn the millers trade. I also wrote you that Mr Boyle had brought us another load of wood and wanted you to do his work the first week in June and if you could not I was to write

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and let him know so he could get some body else. what shall I tell him. Sim was up to see you sunday said prehaps he would go to the Bend this week. I hear that Mr Barman is dead with the same disease that Hat Glover died with. I sent you the paper I suppose you saw in it that Orin Montigan house was burned he is drawing material to build another.

I will write a postal to Parminter.

Now Ashley if you have much of a cold dont stay and get more but come home and stay until you get over it. I think you can afford to come home when the pay day comes any way. I looked for you last saturday. Mr Brant always asks about you when he comes for his bread. Mrs Walters has left her husband and gone to Hills corners. Nell Turner is home again.

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Annie Miller Kelley has a daughter

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Mr Voorhees is working in Niles. goes over with his horse so as to get there at 7 oclock in the morning and starts home about 5 oclock at night. Orville gave Frank a lesson in drawing sunday drew a picture of the old school house worked at it most of the day. Our potatoes are commimg up also the peas, beets, radishes and lettice. your Mother sent Frank a lot more flower seeds he has planted some of them.

It is half past nine, the rest have all gone to ed, all are well.

Good Night.
A Carlisle

I hope you will get this

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Shal I make you some new over shirts or have you bought some.

Aunt Corbin was been Rheuhamah Glover Smith Corbin, sister of Ashely's mother. She lived in Orleans County, NY.

The Belle mentioned was Ashley's half sister, Arabella Carlisle Osborn, who was married to Walter Wilson Osborn. William Carlisle Osborn was their fourth and last child, born 18 April 1890 in Sioux City, IA.

Ashley's sister, Mary Elizabeth Carlisle was married to Werter Rynearson. Their daughter was Hallie. In 1890 they were living in Kansas, either Rooks or Phillips county.

There were Glover's in Buchanan that I have not been able to connect to my mine of Glover's. I wonder if Hat was from that line?

The rest are neighbors that I don't have further information on at this time.

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