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Sarah Ann Camfield, 15 May 1890

Noble May 15th (1890)

well Anna I suppose you have been looking for a letter along time but I have had so much to do and seeto that I do not get time to think of writing or if I do I am so tired or confused I cannot write we sold the hogs and calf we had now we have so much milk we have been hunting for some pigs Fred and I went the other way at Coldwater and got to alittle biger than rats and paid 3 dollars for them there is no pigs to be had every one you see will say have you any pigs to sell or do you know of any
we have a nice little colt 24 hours old Father drinks his coffee out of his new cup Farmers are beginning to plant corn we shall plant next week if it dont rain to much they are planting to day Father and Fred

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I thought I would write a long letter I have been away three days this week Fred and I am going after some pigs we have heard of some we are like the Irishman we have more milk than we can destroy I skim ten or twelve pans every morning when the calf is gone we will have more I want to make soap next week if I can Annabell that they was coming aweek from next monday we have got a new pump

I forgot to say we are well as usual

write soon dont weit
so long as I have
so goodby

S A Camfield

Annabelle was later know as Mabel and sister to Fred. I'm not certain if just she was expected or if they were expecting Joseph, Rose and all the children.

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Camfield, Sarah Ann. (Noble, MI) to “well Anna”
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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
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