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Sarah Ann Camfield, 27 Dec c.1890

Noble Dec 27

Dear Children

we received your letter thursday but it was so cold we did not after the things until yesterday we got them all right the quilt suits me firstrate I think it is nicely done and I thank you verry till you are better paid I suppose I must thank Ashley for what he quilted and the rest of his trouble but the wind blows and the snow flies at agreat rate
and the other things are verry nice Fathers cap is pretty large but he says he will wear it he never wears acap he says thank you for it but dont send him another one
the cushion is to nice for me for I have no place to keep it nice the little one I can use verry wel I think it plenty nice enough for me
we butchered last monday so we have been pretty bisy Fred goes to school every day

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and the days are so short he can not do much we get up at 6 oclock in the morning and go to bed at seven at night so you see we make short days I cant have work around in the evening
I have put my quilt on the bed so you see I intend to use it
O how does the skates fit Frank can he skate Tamerson why did you not get in the basket and come to see Grandma she would have been so glad to see you and have you to talk to her when she is here alone so much
some how it seems like a dream that you had been here I cannot make it seem natural at all
Father looks quear with that cap on when I see him coming I stop and take a seckond time to see who it is or I think he is bareheaded he had acap when we were married 44 years ago last wednesday knight but he would not wear it

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he gave it to aboy and he has always worn a wool hat eversince
now it is Monday morning and we hope you had amerrchrisma and wish you all a happy newyear Father and I were all alon all day Christmas did not see one person to speak to but each other I suppose that will be the way we will keep newyearnomore at presen so good by for this time

S A Camfield

Dear friends We are much obliged for the presents I am using the pen to write this with I expect Frank goes to school every day I do how do them skates go we have good skating out here. I would write oftener but I am not aquainted

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with any body out there so I dont know what to write about I will send some of my cards in this letter and I wish you a happie New Year that is all I have time to say becaus it is time to go to school

by by

Fred H Camfield

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