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Sarah Ann Camfield, 29 Oct 1890

Noble Oct 29th 1890

Well Anna

I suppose you think it is time you should hear from us well we are all busy as usual to day I have done my washing and helped catch and weigh 41 chickens they weighed 139 pounds at 5 cents per pound then the butcher came and I helped him get the calf out of the barn and in the waggon and took 4 and one half dollars Father is down in the field husking corn there is not much corn but it is all to handle over all the same
Freddie is cutting wood
I have sold 82 chickens this fall and we have 31 left for seed I have 17 turkeys I shall keep a pair and sel the rest they are six cents per pound now I think they will fetch more later the first 41 chickens was 6 cts we have another two weeks old so you see we have two new milk cows for winter

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we have cows we would like to sell we have two colts one is five month old and anice one the other is on months he is rather small and crooked legged but is improving most men that have seen it think it will be the nicest colt in time we have been verr much discouraged about it but there is no sale for any thing we have been wanting to sell the largest one for amonth but dont have a chance yet Father was offered forty dollars for it once he thought we could get more but cannot sell it yet we would be glad to get that for it now

30th Father traded one of the dry cows for one that gives milk the one that was sick in the summer sis we bu she would never giv milk only out of two teets we have ahalf bushel of aples did uou have any I have mad ten apple pies this summer some about here did not have apples enough to make one pie

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I think it strange that I do not get aletter from Maryett I have written twice since you sent me her letter and have had no answer Mr and Mrs Bogardus have gone to Syracuse and from there to Mane to visit her Friends I think they will be back before Election ther is afamily going to live in their house this winter Frank we thought you would come and make us a visit last vacation but we did not see you I think you done pretty well raising chickens are you going to try it again next year I thought maybe we might sell some of our cows and colts and things so there was not so much to leave and we could leave Fred in charge and come out to see you this winter but we cannot leave so much in his care write soon so good by

S A Camfield

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Camfield, Sarah Ann. (Noble, MI) to “Well Anna”
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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
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