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Sarah Ann Camfield, 7 Aug 1892 (1)

Noble aug 7th 1892 (1)

Dear Children we received your letter yesterday I have been going to write to you agood while but have been so buisy that I have not written to you nor Ann she wrote some time before you did I have not answered it yet. I have got my carpet wove and down after while and the room papered new we have been harvesting and haying and cleaning house all togather we have alittle stacking to do yet
we are well as usual
next will be thrashing I dread that worst of all

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now dont worry about Fred he was here last Sunday and went back monday morning he is all right and pretty wel he seems to like it there he seems happy I think it is better for him than to be here he is learning to work and learning to depend on himself and to take care of himself he says he goes to meeting every Sunday they are churchmembers that he works for
he has paid for his Colt he paid twenty dollars last year and the same this year so he is paid for he has driven him before the buggy several times he said he did not know when he could come to south bend there is somuch to be done he made avery short visit here he came saturday afternoon and

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went back monday morning

there is one of our neighbors boys near him he works and he came home with him he intended to take his colt with but changed his mind and left the Colt here

from your Mother

S A Camfield

This letter was sent to Sarah's daughter-in-law, Rose Graham Camfield. I think Rose must have forwarded it on to Anna.

In yesterday's letter we learned that AnnaBelle had joined the Episcopal church. Here Sarah says Fred "goes to meeting every Sunday" but she does not mention a church.

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Camfield, Sarah Ann (Noble, MI) to “Dear Children”
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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, 1891 - 1893,
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