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Sarah Ann Camfield, 5 July 1897

July 5th 1897

Dear Children

I don't know what you think because I have not written before it was not because I could not it was because I did not we are all well as we can be this hot weather we are busy haying now and working in the corn next week will in the wheat I suppose we have 18 acres to harvest on Mr Williams place there by Mr Bogarduses place Mr and Mrs B was here last week Father and I went to Coldwater to the celebration saturday and yesterday we had a celebration sermon here at the Church so we have been to 2 celebrations this year the church decorated with green and flowers and flsgs of all kinds thos made of cloth and those that grow in wet places and we had agood surmon and all seemed to enjoy it

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I did for one three weeks ago last saturday Father and I went out to our old home in Noble for a visit to meting sunday forenoon and evening and had a good time in general

we have a good many Cherries they are getting ripe enough to begin to can I wish you and Joseph folks could be here I think the Children woul enjoy it so much especily. Josephs you have fruit so yours would not care so much yes it is the station between Bronson and Coldwater I did not forget it was Ashleys Birth day I believe the 55th how time flies we are having terrible hot weather Father is cultivating corn in the hot sun I am afraid he will give out but he will do it

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Mr Michael and Mrs S A Camfield

Isaac Ashley Carlisle was born 5 July 1842, Edwardsburg, Cass County, MI so Sarah did have the date and age correct.

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