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Mabel Camfield Marsh, Dec 28, 1898

a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year

South Bend Ind
Dec 28th 1898

My Dear Aunt Anna:-

I received your letter some time ago but have neglected writing you. I was very much suprised on Monday morning to receive a package and upon opening it to find it contained just what I like so much. I was so tickled I jumped around like some kid it was

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very kind of you to remember me and I am very much obliged I enjoyed them so much. Benj - gave me a beautiful Oak Rocking chair the man bought it just a few minutes before the nuts came. I never received as many presents as I did this year.

The children enjoyed themselves they liked the things you sent them so much just what they needed but I suppose you will hear from them.

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I havent heard from Frank since he went away. I have been wondering about him a great deal - did he go to Cuba? I enjoyed his visit here so much.

When are you all coming to see us it has been a long time since you were in So Bend there has been a great many changes even in the last year. How is Daniel and Tamerson getting along. I suppose they had a big time Christmas. Benj worked

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all day the 25th until after 7 o'clock in the evening we were all over to his sisters for supper and to spend the evening they had to wait supper an hour for him but I will have to get used to that it is all in the business you know. We are going to drive over some Sunday if he can possibly get a day off Well I guess I must close as it is getting late Benj joins me with love to all I remain Yours Lovingly

PS How is Uncle Ashley this winter I hope he is well

Extra scrap of paper

P.S. It won’t seem natural to come to Buchanan and not find Mrs Robinson it is to bad I feel sorry for Tollie

My mother in law was smitten with Frank she thought he was the stuff because he went and called on Aunt Sade
You must go and see her as often as you can. M.M.

Frank did go to Cuba.

I was surprised that a candy maker would have had to work so late on Christmas day.

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