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Etola Robinson, May 7, 1899


South Bend Ind. May 7th
Mrs. Annie Carlisle:

Dear Friend

I am located on East Washington St. just acrost the road west of Bell's rooms and it is a very pleasant place my rooms are in the east side up stairs of the building and are very nice I have a big room that corners with a poarch and in the ____ over the poarch and is a window in the west side. The north side has two windows and the east side one. The stairs come up into a hall and acrost that is my citchen with one window in the east side and one in the south side so you see I have

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light all around there is a nice green yard and lots of shade and a garret opens of of my ________ and I have the privlage of puting any thing in there that I want to and I have a small closet and there is another room about the size of my bed room at home with a closet of of it that I can have any time I want it but I could not resist sleeping in the big room this summer.

four widths of my carpet covered the room except about four inches and I put oil cloth there and it was one fancy stripe with the whole of the

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brown on each age to long so I cut that off and riped out the width that run acrost from the citchen door to the front door (it was the most worn and the dirtyest) and washed it and that with what came off of the other four carpeted my hall and stair way so I am very glad I did not sell it for it looks very well and will do me nicely for a year. I have not any pictures or curtains up yet but the windows have blinds so it does not matter much. I sewed away friday and saturday and am

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going again tomorrow.

I am in the house with Mrs. glavin and she has a little girl two years old last dec. and a baby boy about five weeks old and the little girl has a kitten so you see I am well fixed.

Bell come over here every day she was up to my rooms this evening said I should give you her best. she has ten days to sew yet then she will be through. I was very lucky coming over nothing was broken but my lamp chimney. Tell Daniel to use that enamil truck for any thing he wants to I forgot to see it while there and Annie

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why did you not send that bundle with me? I forgot all about it untill I guess I must have benn halfway over here.

Tell the children to write me a nice long letter and tell me all the news. Melia was up after her hat last night and told me that Lizzie _____ is married well I do not think of any more to write this time so will close let Lib read this and then I will not need to write her the description of my rooms write soon please and all the news love to all. from your friend

Etoley Robinson

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Direct to No 628 East Washington St.

P. S. Please send me a few sunflower seed in your letter. the double if you have them.

For more see:
Camfield Family Letters
Descendants of Sarah Ann Wisner
Michael Camfield

Robinson, Etola (South Bend, IN) to “Mrs. Annie Carlisle”
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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2009.
[Carlisle Family, Box #1, Correspondence, Jan - Mar 1899,
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