Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fun Charting Relationships

Reading Becky's post at Kinexxions yesterday (yes, I am way behind in my reading!) started me thinking about some of the unusual relationships in my own tree.

Michael and Sarah Ann Camfield were my 2nd great-grandparents - twice - except not really, now that I know that their daughter, Anna, was adopted. Now if it turns out that their son, Joseph, was also adopted they aren't really on my tree at all! Always fill in your charts in pencil - you never know when when we'll have to give an ancestor you've become attached to the old heave-ho. My mother and I are cousins, except not anymore. I still say "Hey, cuz!" every now and then when I see her just to get her going. Ashley Carlisle's aunt was his mother, it's in a history book and everything! Besides that, he addresses her as "mother" in his letters, what more proof do I need? My great-grandfather, Joseph Berry's brother was also his brother-in-law so my grandfather's mother was also his aunt mother. You'd think a marriage like that would cause some kind of fun blip in the tree. I appear in invisible ink on my son's tree. Humf- I may not have been in the delivery room when he was born but since he has caused me so many gray hairs you'd think he could at least pencil me in!

I'm sure there are other dual relationships in my tree that I haven't thought of. What about your tree?

Now I have this song stuck in my head. This version has a chart to help you follow along - or not.


Becky Wiseman said...

It does get complicated sometimes! In addition to the "double" Schuder ancestors caused by 1st cousins once removed marrying, which are in my dad's mother's lines, in his father's lines there are first cousins that married each other! Certainly reduces the amount of research that has to be done - and also explains some of the rather strange folks in his lineage... LOL.

Julie said...

This was a great video, Apple! I got a kick out of it! Thanks for posting it :)