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Sarah Ann Camfield, Jan 6, 1902

South Bend January 6th 1902

Dear Children and all

we are well and hope you are also this is a lovely day alittle cold but fair I suppose you are looking for aletter from me so will try to make one for you I have pieced up all of the strips you gace me and some besides and made stars two quilts one for you and one for Rose hers I have filled out and made them square yours is just stars I did not know what color you would like and I havepiced 16 blocks apiece for the tw of the alike that we started when I was there and I have 9 for the one I left there I think I had ninw there and nine here so that will be eighteen for the one and 16 each for the other ones

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and 9 sample blocks for your patern quilt you will laugh when you see them I amsure I have torn 4 or 5 pounds of carpet rages have not sewed any you will think I have braged enough so will quit though I do not meen to brag only tell you so you will now I have not been sick nor idle

last monday I recieved a nice roll of peacs of calicoes from Ella they are real nice ones and they were kept so nice there was not a wrinkle in them and they were roled up just as smooth as could be she said in her letter I did not tell you I got aletter from her the day after newyear she said if I did

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not like them to put them all in the ragbag but I shall not for I am glad of them and think them very nice between Christmas and newyear I recieved a letter from Mrs Warner she wrote one two pages and Mr Warner wrote one and half and Minie she is the widdowed sister of Libby she wrote most two pages I thought I would get aletter from wart or Elizabeth about the holiday but have not yet well about my Christmas present got 6 handkerchielf and 2 books one big Orange Joseph got me twbladed knife about the size of yours Rose got me flannel for a dress I suppose she told you.

She said Fred and Libby sent 5 dollars for Christmas

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I donot like it atall and I do not see that I kneed it she als got abasket it is apretty basket but I have no use for it.

you need not put your self out any to come to make it I understand by what she said that she asked you to come hae and make it but dont have any trouble about it the gloves you sent me are more than nice and I wore them to meeting Christmas and twice since I thank you for them and also Tamerson for the handkerchief I suppose Rose thanked you for the rug I have not been in one house but ours and the Church since I came here

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I must tell you about the meeting at this new Congregatinal Church here where I go on Christmas day every one seemed to enjoy it so much but when the meeting was out then every one was on there feet and shaking hands and greeting each other and O they they all seemed so happy I never was any where all seeme so united and hapy in my life but I cannot begin to put it on paper but I can feel it when I think of it it seemed like happyneys itself

from your loving Mother
S A Camfield

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I'm particularly charmed by how comment-worthy the unwrinkled calicoes were. Ironing was an incredible chore before electricity!