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Anna Camfield Carlisle, Sept 20, 1905

Buchanan, Mich.
Sep 20th 1905

Dear Daniel.

Your letter just came, will answer now so as to send it out this afternoon. we was ever so glad to get your letters and the card. yes you first letter came all right. There seemed a big lonesome place after you were gone but was very glad to hear you were through all right. want you to get all the good out of your trip you can, and hope you will enjoy it.

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rather hope you will like Michigan best so come home whenever you want to.

Frank and Francis was here last week. he says you have got father west than he has ever been. he has never crossed the Mississippi river. Francis was real good. better than when she was here with Mamie. Frank makes her mind. we have had more rain than was good for my flowers so they do not look so nice as they did. we have been putting up peaches. bought a bushel and a half of Mrs. Aaron Miller

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for 50 cts a bushel and then she gave us a bushel so our peaches sis not cost us very much. we have bought four cords of wood so with what was in the wood shed before, it is pretty well filled up. Your Father has been going a few days work on charlwoods house on Portage st. next week he expects to go to Dayton to work. This week I am making over Grandma Camfields brown dress. now I hear you say, "I wonder what she thought I would care about that." but I wanted something to fill up with. Bert Warman was here the Sunday after you went away. said he was very

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much surprised when he heard you were gone. Mrs. Miller Father is dead. died very suden in South Bend. they went over to the funeral last Monday. You said I need not send you the paper, but I will send the one that tells about the ball game. I thought you would like to know about that and you need not read the rest of it unless you want to.

I do not know as there is any thing more for me to write as Tamerson is going to write some. we shal keep looking for letters from you as often as you have opertunity to send them.

Yours with love.
A Carlisle

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Peter woke us up Sunday morning barking. He kept at it so long we got up to see what was the matter. He had four young coons up a peach tree. They belonged to the Voorhees boys. They had got out and came this far. And penny had treed them.

This was the first I'd ever heard the Grandpa (Dan) had traveled "out west." I mentioned it to Mom and said was surprised I didn't know. Seems he did a little bit of everything. Of course I was driving at the time so I didn't get anything written down.

Francis wwas of course Frank's daughter, Frances.

Sarah Ann will mention her dress in a future letter.

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