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Tamerson L Carlisle, Sept 20 , 1905

The next letter was written by Tamerson and sent along to Daniel with Ann's letter.
Mamma said I couldn't have any more pages than she or I would have to pay the postage. I'm broke.

She tells Daniel that his dog, Peter and his pet ferrets are fine. I don't know why I was quite surprised that Grandpa had ferrets but I was! A neighbor boy named Leland was helping to take care of them. A quick check of the 1900 census and found Leland Robinison, age 9, living on Moccasin Ave, behind the Carlisle's. So Leland was Toley's nephew.

She was making Grandma Camfield (Sarah Ann) an bonnet and making over her winter hat.

This line puzzled me:
Mrs. Treccoe has taken her two older children away. Yesterday her cow got away + ate so many pairs that it nearly died.

Anna will explain more in her next letter and spelled the name Tryco.

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