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Anna Camfield Carlisle, Sept 27, 1905

Buchanan, Mich.
Sep 27th 1905

Dear Daniel.

Your letter came today. was very glad to get it: Yes we had a letter from you last week and we answered it as soon as it came and sent you a paper with it. I wonder why you did not get it. I am glad if you are felling better. thought you would get used to the water after a time but did not know how long it would take.

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suppose you enjoy having horses to drive. what do you do with them. draw up the wheat to be thrashed or take it away after it is thrashed. how do you like those big farms. are there any trees there. is it any colder there than it is here we have not had any frost yet. you see I want to know all about every thing. when will you be through there and what is the attraction at McHenry Glad you have a good man to work for. think you need Sunday to rest. if you get up that early in the morning

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who calls you up or can you wake up your self. The dog is all right. he was determined to run off. lonesome I guess. so we had to tie him up, today he is good and stays at home. Yesterday Leland was not well and stayed at home from school. in the afternoon he came over and took the ferretts out in the yard and let them have a play. they seem to be doing all right he tales care of their box all right so far. he and Virgil go boat riding as often as they have time. Fleda McFallon is dead funeral today.

Mrs Tryco has taken her

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two oldest children to an Odd Fellows home in Illinois. Tamerson is at work in the shop this week. Your Father went to Dayton to work yesterday but it rained hard last night and he is not feeling very well so he came home today, thinks maybe he can go back tomorrow. last week we had a boiled dinner with turnips dont you wish you had some. Will Guyberson is cutting up his corn. the shocks look big. Well I guess that is al for this time. I hope you will get this.

Yours as ever,
A. Carlisle

Write soon.

Grandpa must have saved these letters and brought them home with him. How is it that none of his letters were saved? In a letter that Tamerson wrote late in life she mentioned that at some point Daniel went through the letters and some were destroyed. Were his included? If so why?

I did talk to Mom about Grandpa's "western trip." She thinks he was out "in the Dakotas," so McHenry, ND seems likely.

Fleda McFallon may have been the daughter of John and Ellen McFallon of Buchanan township. If so she was born Oct 1886 and only 18 at the time of her death.

Leland Robinson was a neighbor. Virgil most likely refers to Virgil Schwartz who lived on Fourth St in 1900 and was close in age to Leland.

Next door to the Robinson family on Mocissin Ave was the family of George E. Guiberson. I have not located a Will Guyberson.

It's sad that Mrs. Tryco couldn't care for her children and took them to an Odd Fellows home. I have not located this family on the 1900 or 1910 census so I have no further information on them.

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